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0.96-inch 160x80 IPS LCD Module with ST7735 Controller

0.96-inch 160x80 IPS LCD Module with ST7735 Controller
  • 0.96" diagonal IPS display, color is more vivid than an ordinary TFT LCD screen
  • Size: 0.96-inch
  • 160x80 resolution, 16-bit color, 65K Full color
  • Direction can adjust to horizontal or vertical
  • Control chip: ST7735
  • 4 wire SPI digital interface or I2C (IIC)
  • Number of breakout pins: 7
  • Display area: 10.8 x 21.696mm
  • 5V compatible! Use with 3.3V or 5V logic
  • Onboard 3.3V @ 150mA LDO regulator, using 5V will provides better brightness and good viewing effect
  • 1 white LED backlight, transistor connected so you can PWM dim the backlight
  • 0.1" pitch header for easy breadboarding
  • 2 removable mounting holes in corners
  • Current draw is based on LED backlight usage: with full backlight, current draw is ~25mA
  • Working temperature: -20~70°C
  • Working voltage: 3.3V
  • Physical size: 24 x 30mm

Interface definition:

  • GND (Power ground)
  • VCC (Power +3.3 or 5V)
  • SCL (SPI clock line)
  • SDA (SPI data line)
  • RES (LCD reset, LCD needs to be reset once after power-on)
  • DC (SPI data/command selection pin)
  • BLK (LCD backlight control, the default can be left floating, low level to turn off the backlight)
Packing List
  • 1 x 0.96-inch 160x80 IPS LCD Breakout - ST7735
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0.96-inch 160x80 IPS LCD Module with ST7735 Controller
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