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1-Channels PWM generator XY-LPWM PWM Pulse Wave Frequency Digital Signal Generator Square Wave Duty Cycle Module

1-Channels PWM  generator XY-LPWM PWM Pulse Wave Frequency Digital Signal Generator Square Wave Duty Cycle Module

PWM pulse frequency duty cycle adjustable module square wave rectangular wave signal generator    

Module highlights:

1. LCD liquid crystal display frequency and duty cycle, very clear,  PWMoutput can be set separately frequency and duty cycle;

2. Wide frequency range and high precision;

3. Serial communication

First, the module description

PWM output, you can set the frequency and duty cycle separately;

The frequency is divided into four ranges and automatically switched:

1.  XXX ( no decimal point ) : The minimum unit is 1Hz , and the value range is 1Hz~999Hz ;

2. The  minimum unit of X.XX (the decimal point is in the hundred digits) is 0.01Khz , and the value range is1.00Khz~9.99Khz ;

3.   XX.X ( decimal point is ten ) : The minimum unit is0.1Khz ; the value range is 10.0KHz~99.9KHz

4.   XXX ( decimal point is ten and hundred ) : the minimum unit is 1Khz ; the value range is 1KHz~150KHz

Eg  frequency display: 100  means PWM output 100Hz pulse;

                        1.01  indicates that the PWM outputs a pulse of 1.01K ;

                        54.1  represents the PWM output 54.1KHz pulses;

                        1.2.4 indicates that the PWM output is a pulse of 124KHz ;

The duty ratio ranges from 0 to 100% ;

All setting parameters are saved after power down.

Second, the parameter settings

The module has independent buttons for setting the frequency and duty cycle. It supports short press (increase or decrease one unit) and long press (fast increase or decrease). It is very simple. The parameters are automatically saved after setting. Lost.

Third, the module parameters:

1. Working voltage: 3.3~30V ;

2. Frequency range: 1Hz~150KHz ;

3. Frequency accuracy: the accuracy in each range is about 2% ;

4. Signal load capacity: the output current can be around 5~30ma ;

5. Output amplitude: The PWM amplitude is equal to the supply voltage;

6. Ambient temperature: -20~+70 °C.

Fourth, the scope of application:

1. Used as a square wave signal generator to generate a square wave signal for experimental development;

2. Used to generate a square wave signal that controls the motor driver;

3. Generate adjustable pulses for use by the MCU ;

4. Generate adjustable pulses and control related circuits ( applications such as PWM dimming speed regulation).

 Serial port control (microcontroller TTL level communication)

Communication standard : 9600 bps data bits  : 8 
stop bits  : 1 
check digit  : none 
flow control  : none

1,          set the frequency of the PWM

“F101”: Set the frequency to 101 HZ (001~999)

“F1.05”: Set the frequency to 1.05 KHZ (1.00~9.99)

“ F10.5 ”: Set the frequency to 10.5KHZ (10.0~99.9)

“F1.0.5”: Set the frequency to 105KHZ (1.0.0~1.5.0)

2,          set the duty cycle of the PWM

“DXXX”: Set the duty cycle of PWM to XXX (001~100)

For example, D050 , set the PWM duty cycle to be 50%.

3,          read the setting parameters

Send a " read " string and read the set parameters.


Set the success to return: DOWN ;

Setup failed to return: FALL .

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1-Channels PWM generator XY-LPWM PWM Pulse Wave Frequency Digital Signal Generator Square Wave Duty Cycle Module
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