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12V DC 12 Watt UPS V2.0 Power Supply Module Uninterruptible Power Supply Control Board Output 9V Or 12V

12V DC 12 Watt UPS V2.0 Power Supply Module Uninterruptible Power Supply Control Board Output 9V Or 12V

12V DC 12 Watt UPS V2.0 Power Supply Module Uninterruptible Power Supply Control Board Output 9V Or 12V

Conditions of use for 12W version products:

1. The input external power supply needs sufficient power, and it can ensure that it can drive the load and charge the battery at the same time. Recommended input current is not less than 1.5A

2. The wire diameter of the power input cannot be less than 24AWG, and it needs to withstand a current of 2A or more, and the internal resistance of the wire does not exceed 100 milliohms.

3. The lithium battery is a 3.7V conventional battery with a capacity of not less than 3000 mA, which can be connected in parallel, and the internal resistance of the battery does not exceed 30 mA!

4. The wire diameter of the battery connection cable cannot be thinner than 20AWG, and the current resistance cannot be lower than 6A. It is recommended that the length of the wire is within 10 cm and less than 20 milliohms!

5. The upper limit of the battery capacity cannot exceed the value marked on the back of the motherboard. Once exceeded, the system will disable the charging function and report an error!

6. There is no reverse connection protection for the battery interface. Connecting the wrong polarity will burn the two chips on the right side of the motherboard or cause a short circuit of the battery interface. If the wrong voltage is connected, all chips will be burned!

7. The working voltage of the main board can be set by JP1. When it is not set, the default is input and output = 9V. If short circuit JP1 with solder, the main board works in 12V mode!

8. The charging current of the motherboard can be set using JP2. When not set, the default is slow charging, which can support 3300-6600 mAh batteries. The capacity of the fast charging mode can be doubled!

9. Regarding charging while charging or using after charging, charging while charging mode is equivalent to the uninterruptible power supply function. After being connected, it does not need to be controlled for many years, and it will automatically charge and discharge!

10. The mode of charging before use is similar to the mobile power supply function. It supports input of DC5V-12V power supply to charge the system. Wait for you to get the load before using it!


Product notes:

1. This product cannot be used at full load, because the voltage will drop and the output power will decrease during battery use, so full load will cause the system to shut down in advance!

2. The battery of this product must be independent and cannot be shared with other devices. If it is shared, it may cause the lithium battery protection chip to break down, and you need to add protection components yourself!

3. This product has integrated a lithium battery protection chip, the protection current is 6-10A, the internal resistance is 20 milliohms, if the battery wants to add a protection board, it can not be lower than this data!

4. The main board and the battery need to keep a distance when assembled into a product. The heat of the main board is 30-40 degrees at light load, 60-70 degrees at medium load, and 80-90 degrees at full load!

5. The no-load current of the normal battery interface is 0.2-0.3mA, if it is found to be higher than 0.5mA, it can be judged as a fault such as system leakage or a lithium battery protection chip breakdown!

6. This product is prohibited to be used in brushed motors or inductive loads. If it must be used, please connect a solid capacitor or tantalum capacitor in parallel to the output to filter interference, otherwise it is easy to burn!

7. Pay attention to measuring the voltage of each interface. The input voltage should not be less than 5% of the rated value. For example, if the power supply input 9V requires a voltage of not less than 8.5V when loaded, otherwise it will be abnormal!

8. The input voltage of the product is 5-12V, the withstand voltage of the interface is 16V, and it is easy to break the chip when the input exceeds 16V. Please pay special attention to the voltage value of the input interface, do not overpressure!

9. Regarding the blinking of the indicator light, the charging indicator light displays normally when the battery meets the conditions. If it flashes slowly or quickly, the user needs to check or replace the battery!

10. This product does not support series-connected lithium batteries, but supports parallel-connected batteries, which can be arbitrarily connected in parallel within the capacity range. If the series-connected batteries are mistakenly connected, the main chip will be completely burned!


User tips: JP1 jumper output 12V after short circuit, output 9V when not in operation, battery connection wire can not be lower than 20AWG, it is recommended to use 16-18AWG, on-load start current: 12W version with load start current is 6A, working current is 3A Or lower, and the starting current of the 18W version needs about 10A, and the operating current is 5A or lower. If the wire is too thin, it will cause a voltage drop, which affects performance. Therefore, it is recommended to use thicker leads. Care should be taken to avoid short circuit or polar welding. For wrong and other problems, it is recommended to weld the battery last to prevent the circuit board from being burned out when short circuit or welding error!


The 18W version requires a lower battery limit of 5000 mA, an upper limit of 13,500 mA, and an internal resistance of less than 20 mA. When the battery is below the lower limit, the battery is easily overloaded and causes heat. In severe cases, the battery will catch fire or explode!


About the method of supporting large-capacity batteries: there is a 12-hour CC timer inside the charging chip, and the charging function is automatically disabled when the overcharge is not full. As long as you power off for a few seconds or minutes every 12 hours, you can use the battery in an unlimited amount. Of course, the battery capacity can only be doubled at most. If the capacity is higher, the system may not be able to complete the entire charging process!


In addition, there is a method to support unlimited capacity batteries, that is, to turn off the multi-mode charging logic system, never detect the battery capacity, and always charge the battery in constant current mode, so that you can charge large-capacity batteries, regardless of the capacity. Charging is just the difference between the charging speed and the speed. At the same time, it will damage the battery life, probably about one third. The modification method is to remove the detection resistor at the lower right corner of the left chip, the value of 1002, and replace it with a capacitor. The capacity of 104-105 can be used, even if it is not connected, but it may cause the chip to be afraid of interference!

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12V DC 12 Watt UPS V2.0 Power Supply Module Uninterruptible Power Supply Control Board Output 9V Or 12V
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