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3.5mm TRRS Female Stereo Audio Jack Breakout

3.5mm TRRS Female Stereo Audio Jack Breakout


This simple breakout board allows 3.5mm TRRS audio jacks to be easily adapted to a solderless breadboard or prototype PCB.


  • 3.5mm TRRS Audio Jack Breakout
  • 1×4 Male header


TRRS stands for Tip / Ring1 / Ring2 / Sleeve and is designed for use with audio jacks that have 3 audio channels such as a Left / Right / Microphone or 2 audio channels and a video channel along with a ground sleeve.

The TRRS female socket can also be used with the traditional TRS style male plug that has 2 audio channels and a ground sleeve. In that case, both the Sleeve and Ring2 will be connected to ground and the Ring1 and Tip will carry the two audio channels.

Ring1 normally carries the RIGHT audio channel, while Tip normally carries the LEFT audio channel. If there is a 3rd channel, it usually carries a microphone or video channel.

Module Connections

The adapter brings out the four TRS / TRRS signals as listed below.

1 x 4 Header

  • SLEEVE = Ground
  • RING2 =    Typically Microphone or video channel.  Will be same as SLEEVE when used with TRS jack
  • RING1 =    Audio RIGHT channel
  • TIP =          Audio LEFT channel
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3.5mm TRRS Female Stereo Audio Jack Breakout
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