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3D Printer Electronics

Brand: Chinese Model: 15000mw-Laser-Module
Technical Parameters:Laser wavelength: 450nm (blue-violet light)Laser Engraving Optical power: 15W (15000MW)Safety Class : 4Laser Engraving Drive mode: external ACC constant current driveLaser Engraving Cooling method: forced air coolingLaser Engraving Operating voltage: 12 V DCLaser..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D-RUMBA
Featurescompact size: 135mm x 75mmfully integrated all in one solution: Arduino 2560-R3 compatible (works with Sprinter, Repetier-Firmware, Marlin out of the box) ATmega16U2 (with enhanced firmware) for high speed USB serial connection (up to 2MBit) ..
Brand: Chinese Model: MAKEBOARD1.4
Introduction:Makeboard Pro is specially designed by Micromake Technical Team to solve the problem which usually occurs on the open source control board of Ramps 1.4 3d printers. We had fully consider about the mistakes that customers usually make in the beginning, so we use different color to dist..
Brand: Chinese Model: MKS-BASE V1.6
Ultra Stable Board Control Board MKS-BASE V1.6Feature: It gather all function on one board, which solved the Ramps1.4 combination interface problem, which easily out of order Using A4982 as a motor drive, the SOP package, the effect of heat dispelling is better Circuit board uses the high qua..
Brand: Chinese Model: MKS-SBASE V1.2
3D printer Smoothieware controller board MKS SBASE V1.2 opensource 32bit Smoothieboard Arm support Ethernet preinstalled heatsinksDetail: OverviewMKS SBASE is a latest  motherboard for 3D Printer ,designed by Makserbase (MKS). It is based  on ARM platform and uses  3..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D-KIT-001
Save More than 200LE !This is the DIY kit for assembling your own 3D printer fast and easy starting ,This 3D printer electronic kit is the brain of choice for most 3D printer. We offer an affordable and universal solution to start building your 3D printer. The components included in this ki..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D-KIT-002
Description:   1. PCB Heatbed MK2BRelative latest version Mk2a, a major upgrade to the 12V 24V dual power. 12V connection: a cable connected 1, 2 and 3 in addition a line connected simultaneously 24V Connection: a line then 2, then 3 in addition a line (not connected 1 vacant) Read ..
Brand: Chinese Model: external memory for ramps
This External Memory module is suitable for shop enhanced version Melzi 2.0 andRamps 1.4 Plus control panel. ..
Brand: Chinese Model: MOD-059
This is for one power module for controlling 3D printer heated bed, it is also can be used to drive other non-inductive loads. If you plan to use silicone heater of large area heated bed, you most likely will overcome limitations for the current, that can handle your current 3d printer&nbs..
Brand: Chinese Model: Chitu V3.1
English Version TFT touch screen This is the first 3D printer motherboard developed by CBD-Tech which has been in the Chinese market for six months with more than a thousand units sold so far.The board is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed ARM chipset (STM32F103ZET6) which resul..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D Mech EndStop
Features: It using 22AWG wire, copper wire inside is very thick, can be resistant to current 2A, 300V voltage. An insulating layer over a wide range of temperatures, up to 80 degrees. Is the common connection of thin copper wire can not match. Not easy to pull off, plug it convenient, for ease of u..
20.00EGP 30.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: ChiTu F Plus F407
Brand:Red rabbit controlModel number:ChiTu F Plus F407 classification:Double-headed thermocouple 2 8-inch screen kit ..
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