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3D Printer KAPTON Tape 10mm

3D Printer KAPTON Tape 10mm

Longth: About 20m
Color: AMBER
Thickness: 0.055mm
Elongation: 50%
Tensile strength: ≥ 42N/25mm
Peel strength: ≥ 26N/25mm
Tack: 24#
Adhesive strength: 48H
(Note: the data is the General test values, for reference only)

Product Performance:

The color is brown (amber), Goldfinger tape sticky is good, obedient, high temperature, solvent, no seepage tin and no adhesive residue
Products with excellent electrical performance:
Short-term temperature 300 ℃, long-term temperature 250 ℃;
High insulation, high temperature, low temperature, acid, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties, abrasion and tear;
Special agent treatment, adhesion strength, after tear the surface without leaving any remnants.

The main uses:

Mainly used for paint, sealing, footwear, packaging fixed, construction and decoration industries;
Widely used as the electronics industry in transformers, motors, coils, capacitors and variable frequency power supply and other high-temperature insulation wound;
Suitable for printed circuit board (PCB), SMT tin stoves, wave soldering process masking Goldfinger;
High-grade electrical insulating protection and fixed lithium battery positive and negative effects;
Suitable for solder protection;
Cell phone lithium battery manufacturing strapping.

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3D Printer KAPTON Tape 10mm
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