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3D printer LM10UU 10mm Linear Ball Bearing

3D printer LM10UU 10mm Linear Ball Bearing

Linear bearings are used for linear motion. They can be used to build economic and simple linear guiding systems for a wide variety of applications such as CNC.

This linear ball bearing is slide along an 8mm linear shaft. These are very slim, and good for when you want to attach a motion carriage onto a railing without adding a lot of weight. These are very basic bearings, they are meant for a stepper-motion controlled.



  • 29mm long x 19mm outer diameter x 10mm inner diameter
  • Dynamic load rating C(N): 370 N
  • Static load rating Co(N): 550 N
  • 4 Ball races inside
  • 2 grooves with 18mm outer diameter




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3D printer LM10UU 10mm Linear Ball Bearing
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