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3D Printer Metal J-Head E3D Mounting Plate

3D Printer Metal J-Head E3D Mounting Plate

This mount plate is designed for most commonly used 12mm diameter hot end groove mounts. It works with J-Heads, Makergear hot ends and other designs with the same mounting option.
Cold end mounting slots will work with Wade type extruders and many other extruder designs. Please, consult with drawing to see if this part is compatible with your extruder design.

Thickness around mounting area is reduced to 4.4mm maximum for compatibility with european made J-Heads equipped with 4.5mm wide grooves.

Works as a heat sink!

Mounting hardware depends on the particular extruder design - #6-32, #8-32, M4 or M5. Maximum bolt/screw size is M5.

100% brand new and high quality
Special design and delicate shape
Made of firm material, durable in use
Suitable for J-head/E3D structure

Material: aluminum(6061) 
Type: Head Mounting Plate
Color: silver 

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3D Printer Metal J-Head E3D Mounting Plate
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