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3D printer PTFE Teflon Tube remote nozzle feed guide

3D printer PTFE Teflon Tube remote nozzle feed guide

      Prooduct description:

     Production Product Name: tetrafluoroethylene tube ( PTFE tube, PTFE tube, Teflon tube)

     Milk milky: F4 tetrafluoroethylene Teflon tube Full transparent: F46 PFA tube imports tetrafluoroethylene

     Production Specifications: Φ2mmx4mm ( inner diameter of 2 mm , an outer diameter of 4 mm )

     Production Color: White Temperature Temperature range: -190 ° C ~ 280 ° C

       Production Features:

      Excellent corrosion resistance --- can withstand molten alkali metal fluoride, medium, and higher than 300 in addition to the role of all acid addition ℃ sodium hydroxide (including aqua regia), strong oxidizing agents, reducing agents and various organic solvents  

      Highly resistant insulation --- affected by the environment and frequency, volume resistivity of up to 1018 ohm? cm, dielectric loss, high breakdown voltage.

      Excellent resistance to high temperature resistance --- the influence of temperature changes little, wide temperature range range, temperature - 190 ° C and +260 ° C .

      Unique self-lubricating --- the smallest with a plastic friction coefficient, is the ideal oil-free materials.

      Protruding surface is not sticky --- known solid materials can not adhere to the surface, it is a minimal surface energy of solid materials. Excellent resistance to atmospheric

      aging --- radiation resistance and low permeability --- Long-term exposure to the atmosphere, surface and performance remained unchanged.

      Valuable non-flammable --- limiting oxygen index of 90 or less. Teflon --- selection of imported dispersion polymerization PTFE resin paste is pushed through processing, the appearance of pure white. High temperature low --- Operating temperature -190 ° C ~ + 280 ° can be autoclaved.

      Corrosion --- aqua regia hydrofluoric nitric acid and alkali resistance, and various organic solvents, adsorption and no dissolution and precipitation phenomena.

     Environmental pollution --- metallic element uranium blank value low lead content of less than 0.01PPB not adhere to any substance, non-toxic.

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3D printer PTFE Teflon Tube remote nozzle feed guide
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