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AC Power Connector Chassis Mount 2Pin

AC Power Connector Chassis Mount 2Pin

Product Description

 This product is designed to power small and medium electrical devices that require DC voltage, with a maximum current rating of 5 amps. It is made from heavy duty plastic, which makes it a durable and long lasting product. This product is an electrical outlet for electrical panels, and has a standard 2-pin connector. It has a metal frame that prevents damage to the outlet when it is mounted. The 220V 2 Pin panel mount male inlet module power supply socket is a simple way to wire in a single-outlet device. It is suitable for use with any panel mount device, such as a light, a heater, or an appliance. This 2-pin inlet module has been designed to provide a clean and reliable power supply. The 2-pin design will allow a more compact installation and ensure the unit is compatible with all other types of 2-pin sockets in the market. This is a 2 pin panel mount male inlet module power supply socket. It is meant to be used with a power supply. This power supply is a safe way to provide power to any type of electronic device.


  • Highly insulated
  • Smart design for easy installation
  • Can work in high room temperature
  • High-quality thermoplastic material is used in the making of this product
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AC Power Connector Chassis Mount 2Pin
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  • Stock: 6
  • Brand: Chinese
  • Model: PWR-09
  • Weight: 0.40kg
  • SKU: B3-10
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