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Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 0-30V 5A ETM-305

Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 0-30V 5A ETM-305

DC power supply Features:

1.LED digital display, simple and intuitive display power output voltage, current and power

2. Voltage regulation, pressure flow automatically switch

3. With the output control switch, control more flexible

4. Overvoltage, overcurrent, over power, over temperature protection

5. Convenient and fast operation interface

6. Temperature control fan speed makes the instrument with low noise, fan life longer

DC power supply technical parameters 

When using this specification, make sure to boot more than 10s .

Model: eTM-305

Voltage output:

Output voltage: the OV   32V continuously adjustable

Power effect: ≤ 0.1% + 1mV

Load effect: ≤ 0.1% + 5mV

Ripple noise: ≤ 30mVrms

Current output:

Output current: OA   5A continuously adjustable

Power supply effect: ≤ 0.1% + 5mA

Load effect: ≤ 0.1% + 5mA

Ripple noise: ≤ 10mArms

3  Display resolution

Voltage resolution : 10mV  (eTM-1003 shows the starting voltage of 50mV)

Current resolution: 10mA

Power resolution: 10mW

4  Operating environment:

Indoor use

Elevation: ≤2000m

Ambient temperature: -10 ℃  40 

Relative humidity: ≤ 80%

5  Storage Environment:

Ambient temperature: -20  80 ℃     

Relative humidity: ≤ 80%

power input

Default AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz (can be customized 110V input or 100V / 220V manual switch)


1 copy of the manual

1 certificate

Power cord 1 root

Clamp line 1

Size: 280 (length) × 125 (width) × 160 (high) mm

Weight: about 2.5 Kg

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Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 0-30V 5A ETM-305
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