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ALCATEL Baby Monitor Baby Link 510 (ATL1415421)

ALCATEL Baby Monitor Baby Link 510 (ATL1415421)
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Alcatel Baby Link 510 baby monitor (ATL1415421) 

Description of the  Alcatel Baby Link 510

Equipped with a high-resolution color screen (2.4-inch color LCD), the Baby Link 510 is the perfect way to look after your baby. For convenience, you can adjust the panorama, tilt and zoom of the camera. At the same time, the camera is equipped with day and night vision functions, which allows you to keep an eye on the child even at night.


Now you can not only listen, but also talk with your child in order to reassure him from another room.


There are 2 modes of visual observation of the child: the “image with sound” mode with high-definition sound reproduction or the “image only” mode, in which the sound is muted, and the baby’s screaming volume is indicated by LEDs.


In addition, the device provides the Vox function, which automatically enables the parent unit when the child unit detects sound, even if the screen of the parent unit is manually turned off. In order to save battery power, when the child is silent or sleeping, the screen of the parent unit automatically turns off.


For safety reasons, Baby Link 510 is equipped with a temperature sensor in the baby unit to help maintain the ideal temperature.


Finally, the pocket size of the parent unit allows you to always stay in touch with your baby.



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ALCATEL Baby Monitor Baby Link 510 (ATL1415421)
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