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Analog Discovery Full-featured suite of analog circuit design support Matlab

Analog Discovery Full-featured suite of analog circuit design support Matlab

Full-featured analog circuit design kit --Analog Discovery

Set oscilloscopes, signal generators, logic analyzers in one of the portable devices.

MatLab software support, after using the Analog Discovery test circuit with Matlab numerical calculation, simulation, and programming.

Product Specifications

The main chip: Xilinx Spartan6-XC6SLX16; AD9648; AD9717

Main functions: Analog Discovery provides 2-channel oscilloscope, 2-channel arbitrary waveform generator, 16-channel logic analyzer, pattern generator 16-channel, 2-channel voltmeter, network analyzers, and two power supplies, thereby forming a complete, portable USB power analog design experiments, so that students can be tested anywhere in generating ideas.

Analog input 
 use AD9648 chip, dual-channel, 14-bit wide, ADC 105MSPS sampling rate, a 1.8 V power supply 
● Dual-channel differential input (1 MΩ, 24 pF), support up to ± 20 V voltage 
● can by variable voltage accuracy of configuration settings, support 250uV to 5V intervals 
● 100MSPS sampling rate, 5MHz bandwidth, each channel supports maximum 16k sampling points record

Analog output 
 use AD9717 chip, dual-channel, 14-bit wide, 125MSPS sampling rate, low-power DAC 
● Dual-channel single-ended output, supports up to ± 4 V voltage 
● 100MSPS sampling rate, 5MHz bandwidth, each channel supports recording maximum 16k sampling points 
● Supports standard waveforms and user customize the output waveform 
● Support AM, FM, and other modulation mode 
power supply 
● Fixed ± 5 V voltage

Digital I / O Interface 
 logic analyzer, waveform generator and discrete I / O devices to share the 16 digital signal interface 
● 100MSPS sampling rate, the size of each pin maximum 4K buffer 
● cross triggered oscilloscope channel


Digilent Analog Discovery ™ is the latest launch of a full-featured suite of analog circuit design. The suite is Digilent Analog Devices company and jointly developed, is an easy to use hardware platform. Engineering students can use this kit to contact with some high-tech, and can be anywhere (for example on your home PC), to easily and quickly set up an analog circuit having the actual functionality.

Analog Discovery ™ is an analog circuit hardware design platform, but also a corresponding downloadable teaching materials, reference designs and experimental projects, capable of those core of engineering education curriculum strong support.

College of Engineering has always been a tradition for establishing and maintaining centralized teaching laboratories. These labs require specialized equipment, need to go through the experimental teaching assistants and other technical training, which can lead to high maintenance costs. Now, with the Analog Discovery ™ this kit, we can help these schools to establish a distributed laboratory - bedroom, cafes, libraries - any student who is willing to work and learn.


Software Tools 
Waveforms ™ software: a full-featured graphical interface tool


 Windows® XP® or later operating system

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Analog Discovery Full-featured suite of analog circuit design support Matlab
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