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ATTINY85-20PU 8 Pin 20Mhz Microcontroller

ATTINY85-20PU 8 Pin 20Mhz Microcontroller

ATtiny85 microcontroller is a very popular 8-bit RISC microcontroller. It has become the first choice for professionals and developers because of its incredible features in such a small size. As its name suggests, it’s a tiny 8-pin (PDIP) microcontroller with almost all required features that any microcontroller should have such as built-in FLASH, EEPROM, SRAM, SPI, IIC, ADC, PWM, timer, comparator, IO, etc

ATtiny85 features:

ATtiny85 inbuilt peripherals

IO Port/pins: ATtiny85 has a single bidirectional IO port  – port B with 6 pins PB0 to PB5. All 6 pins can work as either input or output.

ADC: ATtiny85 has a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter with a multiplexer. It has four analog input channels where different analog sensors can be connected.

PWM: ATtiny85 has two 8-bit timers that can be used to generate PWM output. It has an 8-bit PWM with 4 output channels.

Timers: ATtiny85 has two 8-bit timers. They can work as a timer or a counter. A timer is used to generate time delay using a crystal clock / internal clock. The counter is used to count external events on external pins.

SPI: ATtiny85 has fully functioned 4 wire SPI with MOSI, MISO, SCK, and RESET pins. It is used to communicate with other uC, uP, sensor, or any peripheral device. Mostly it is used to program internal FLASH using an ICSP programmer.

IIC/I2C:  It is also known as a two-wire interface because it needs only two wires 1) serial data – SDA and 2) serial clock – SCL. ATtiny85 has dedicated I2C pins to communicate with other I2C devices like I2C memory, I2C sensor, I2C, I2C clock, etc.

Memory: ATtiny85 has the following memory:

  • FLASH – its program memory. It is where the program is stored. ATtiny has 8 KB of FLASH to store the program.
  • EEPROM – its data memory. ATtiny85 has hardware architecture, so it has separate 512 bytes of EEPROM to store the data.
  • SRAM – Attiny85 has 512 bytes of SRAM that can be used during program execution and temporary data storage. There are 32 GPR (general purpose registers) that can be used for this purpose.
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ATTINY85-20PU 8 Pin 20Mhz Microcontroller
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