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AVRISP mkII AVR ISP mk2 USB Programmer

AVRISP mkII AVR ISP mk2 USB Programmer

Product Description

1. Supports all AVR devices with ISP or PDI interface, and certain 51 Devices

2. Programs both Flash and EEPROM

3. Supports Fuses and Lock Bit Programming

4. Based on AT AVRISP mkII firmware

5. Upgradable to support future devices

6. Adjustable ISP programming speed up to 8M frequency

7. USB 2.0 compliant (full speed, 12Mbps)

8. 3 optional cables to target board

9. Powered from USB bus, does not require external power supply


AT AVRISP mkII compliant


1. Compatible with AT AVR ISP, easy to use, stable and reliable


Based on AT AVRISP mkII firmware


1. Identified as AVRISP mkII in AVRStudio, high speed programming


Upgradable firmware


1. Firmware is upgradable to Support Future Devices

2. Automatic Upgrade


Supported software


1. AVR Studio 6 or WINAVR(GCC) is used as front-end software

2. Supports the program files generated by IAR, ICCAVR, CVAVR


Supported Device


1. USB AVRISP XPII supports all AVR devices with ISP and PDI Interface. Support for new devices will be added with new versions of AVR Studio.
2. Supports AT86RF401/AT89S51/AT89S52.



Refer to AVR Studio 6, the following devices are supported:

* Supports all the different voltages and speed grade versions of the devices listed in the table above.



1. High speed programs FLASH , EEPROM, Fuses, and Lock Bit

2. It takes only 2.5S to program a 12K program file with verification (programming speed was set to 1M while the Max speed could be up to 8M)


Connects to PC


1. Uses a USB interface for communication with the front-end software (Probably AVR Studio)
2. Using PDIUSBD12, USB 1.1 (USB 2.0 Full Speed) 12Mbits/second
3. Each USB AVRISP XPII has a unique ID, a PC could connects to several Devices at the same time

Connects to target board

The USB AVRISP XPII connects to the target board through 3 optional cables. Depending on the existed connector on the target board, the cable has to be changed accordingly.
1. Sandard 6-pin ISP Connector, Using 6-pin ISP cable
2. Standard 10-pin ISP Connector, Using 6-pin to 10-pin ISP cable

3. Custom ISP Connector, Using 6-wire multicolour custom connector cable
The figure 1 and 2 show the pinouts for the 10-pin and 6-pin ISP connectors. 

Powered from USB bus

1. Draws power from the USB bus, No need for Additional Power Supply
2. The target board should be powered from Another Power Supply

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AVRISP mkII AVR ISP mk2 USB Programmer
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