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Batteries & Chargers

Batteries & Chargers
Brand: Chinese Model: HX-3S-FL25A-A
3S 11.1V 25A 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery BMS Protection PCB Board With Balance FunctionDescription:Model: HX-3S-FL25A-ASize: about 56mm*45mm*1.2mmOver voltage range: 4.25~4.35V ± 0.05VOver discharge voltage range: 2.3~3.0V ± 0.05VMaximum operating current: 0~25AMaximum transient current: 34~40AQuie..
Brand: Chinese Model: MOD-049
The protection board can not be used for iron ion polymer battery, hand drill battery pack, electric fish machine battery pack, electric bicycle battery pack, 2 re-series 24V use, 775 (4A) above motor, 1W fish eye LED lamp, Please note that the above combination of customers to buy! .  ..
Brand: Chinese Model: Bat-SLA-01
General Features 1 Stable Quality & High Reliability 2 Sealed Construction 3 environmentally friendly 4 Maintenance-Free Operation 5 Low Pressure Venting System 6 Heavy Duty Grid 7 Low Self Discharge Brand Name UGE Model UGE-4V800 Nominal Voltage 4..
Brand: Chinese Model: 803-B
feature: This is a mobile power module accessory, 18650 board enclosure.Meet your DIY's individual needs, but you must understand the basic electronics assembly.The motherboard's own protection features: charging overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protectio..
Brand: Chinese Model: BAT-9V
9V Non Chargeable Battery the actual brand may vary ..
Brand: Chinese Model: T6845-C Module
T6845-C Module Description Lithium Battery Charger with 3.7V protection T6845-C has a protection system for your batteries, also includes both USB and Micro USB input which is very practical and excellent.   Battery Charger Lithium with protection 3.7V T6845-C characteristics: Load status..
Brand: Chinese Model: MODULE-093
Battery Under voltage Alarm Module for Low Voltage Alarm Protection 10-20V range..
Brand: Chinese Model: MODULE-094
Battery Under voltage Alarm Module for Low Voltage Alarm Protection 20-36V range..
Brand: Chinese Model: MODULE-092
Battery Under voltage Alarm Module for Low Voltage Alarm Protection 6-10V range..
Brand: Chinese Model: MOD-024
    Input voltage: DC1-5V (1.5V or more is recommended as well) Output voltage: 12V fixed Size: Length 25mm * wide 16mm * 6mm high Conversion rate: 90% (maximum) Load power consumption: 3-15mA    The maximum continuous output power of 4W, then high temperature, and the ..
Brand: Chinese Model: charger2
PRODUCT DETAILS 1: Small Size and High Current output suitable to connect to solar cell or high voltage battery   2: Output Maximum current 3A , Long-running 2.1A, sufficient margin. 3: Design Circuit design does not require electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors?Short life electro..
Brand: Chinese Model: XZX-887
DescriptionThis is a typical USB power bank manager module that you can use to DIY your own power bank, rechargeable power storage unit. It can output either 5V 1A or 5V 2A power when a parallel 18650 or other lithium ion battery module is connected to it, also can recharge the battery module when c..
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