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Battery UPS CSB 12v 9A (CSB 1234W)

Battery UPS CSB 12v 9A (CSB 1234W)

Specification :

Cells Per Unit: 6

Voltage Per Unit: 12

Capacity : 34W @ 15 minute-rate to 1.67V per cell @ 25°C (77°F)

Weight : Approx. 2.50kg. (5.51lbs.)

Recommended Maximum Charging current limit : 3.4A

Maximum Discharge Current: 100/130A (5sec.)

Battery lifetime: 3:5 Year

Guarantee: 1 Year

Dimensions :

Overall Height (H): 98.6±1.0 mm

Container height (h) : 94.3±1.0 mm

Length (L) :  150.9±2.0 mm

Width (W) : 64.8±1.0 mm

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Battery UPS CSB 12v 9A (CSB 1234W)
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