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BIQU 3D Scanner Controller board

BIQU 3D Scanner Controller board
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LASER V1.0 is a 3D scanner motherboard, using plug-in stepper motor driver module, allows    you to change the driver as you need, and use it more flexibly.Using high-performance drives can reduce noise and make the motor more stable, thus enhancing the scanning  effect.

Using USB interface for data data transmission. As Pluggable driver module, default 16 subdivision,if you want to use 256 subdivision,you can choose TMC series  driver TMC2100,TMC2208,TMC2130 and so on.


Wiring instructions:

1.The module uses a pluggable drive module to make the drive module optional;The firmware was defaults 16 subdivisions, so when plugging the driver, please select the corresponding driver subdivision table.Then pay attention to the insertion direction of the driver and insert the driver correctly.

2.Connect DC12V power supply Correctly ,And connect the USB to PC ;The PC is controlled by the Horus software that the machine can work normally.







    1.If you use our BIQU LASER V1.0 Scanner Board, it doesn't  need to be used with UNO controller.

    2. Please do not move the driver and the wire of laser head to avoid large transient voltages burning the device. All lines must be connected accurately to allow power to be applied.

    3. Insert the 12V power supply and USB cable to download programs and work normally.

    4. When inserting the driver to the motherboard, pay attention to seeing the direction of the driver. Never insert it in reverse to prevent the driver from being burned.


    5. When driving a jump cap to select a subdivision, the corresponding subdivision table is selected to perform 16 subdivision.

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    BIQU 3D Scanner Controller board
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