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Blue Tape Sheet 30x30 Cm For 3D Printer

Blue Tape Sheet 30x30 Cm For  3D Printer

Blue Tape Sheet suitable For all typs of 3D Printer

Blue Tape Sheet Dimensions : 30 x 30 Cm


120 C temperature resistance for short time

80 C temperature resistance for long time

acrylic adhesive, medium adhesion

no leak, sharp painting line

UV resistance, 14 days use

no any residual leave



3D printer blue tape is based on blue crepe paper and coated with acrylic adhesive. It is widely used in masking the place remanding protection during painting, spraying, 3D printing etc.

Instructions: Step 1. Clean the Printing Bed Off with some Rubbing Alcohol. Step 2. Remove the Tape Sheet from its Backing and apply to the Surface of the Printing Bed. Step 3. Clean the Taped surface off with some Rubbing Alcohol. Step 4. Make Sure that if you haven’t leveled the print bed with the tape on it, that you go through the leveling procedure to adjust for the extra thickness of the tape. Step 5. After Printing make sure to carefully remove the printed piece from the tape with a thin spatula. Step 6. After Each Print clean the Tape Off with some Rubbing Alcohol. Each Sheet of Tape should last for many prints, depending on the type/size of prints you do. To make it last longer, try printing on different sections of the tape bed to get the most from it.


3D printer blue painter tape has been widely used for masking during indoor decoration and 14 days outdoor painting, packing light objects, fixing pictures, sticking pads, 3D printer etc.

Widespread use in shoes,indoor decoration,electric machine,car,the furniture made of iron or plastic,capacitor and electrics,precise electroplate.

Fit for connection organic silicon material.

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Blue Tape Sheet 30x30 Cm For 3D Printer
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