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BPW34 Micro solar cell " Light Sensor"

BPW34 Micro solar cell " Light Sensor"

New photodiode (BPW34) micro solar ligh radiation sensor,have many applications one of which is to use it is a mini solar cell to power your project. The cell is sensitive to a wide range of light wavelengths (430-1100nm), so it should produce power in a number of different settings. 

The rated open circuit voltage is 350mV (900nm, 1mW/cm2 light source), and short circuit current is 47μA. They'll also produce a small voltage, ~250mV, in a brightly, fluorescent-lit room.


  • Radiant sensitive area: 7.5 (mm2)
  • High photo sensitivity
  • High radiant sensitivity
  • Suitable for visible and near infrared radiation
  • Fast response times

Dimensions:       5.4x4.3x3.2 mm

BPW34 Datasheet

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BPW34 Micro solar cell " Light Sensor"
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