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BreadBoard High Quality MB-102 |830 pin holes

BreadBoard High Quality MB-102 |830 pin holes

BreadBoard MB-102


- Solderless Breadboard MB-102 - 830 Tie Points consists of: 630 Tie-Point Terminal Strip, 200 Tie-Point Distribution Strips.
- 126 separate 5 point terminals, plus 4 horizontal bus lines (Power Lines) of 50 test points each.
- Each point is identified with letters across the top and number down the side
- Accepts most electronic components, including integrated circuits and transistors for digital and/or analog circuitry 
- Component lead bender for easier insertion
- Pins are identified by numbered rows and columns 
- Use to breadboard and debug circuit designs 
- Low static, plastic body
- Designed for 5000 insertions per point 
- Breadboard MB-102 size: 165mm (L) x 55mm (W)


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BreadBoard High Quality MB-102 |830 pin holes
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