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CH549G USB microcontroller with 60KB ROM/ 256B IRAM/ 2Kbytes XRAM and DMA

CH549G USB microcontroller with 60KB ROM/ 256B IRAM/ 2Kbytes XRAM and DMA


CH549 is an enhanced E8051 MCU compatible with MCS51 instruction set, 79% of which are single-byte single-cycle instructions, and the average instruction speed is 8 to 15 times faster than that of the standard MCS51. CH549 supports up to 48MHz system clock frequency, ans has built-in 64K program memory Flash-ROM and 256-byte internal iRAM and 2 Kbytes of internal xRAM. And xRAM supports direct memory access (DMA). CH549 has a built-in 12-bit ADC, capacitive touch key detection module, temperature sensor (TS), built-in clock, 3 timers and 3 channels of signal capture, 8 channels of PWM, 4 UARTs, SPI and other functional modules. It supports full-speed and low-speed USB-Host mode and USB-Device mode as well as USB type-C. CH543 is recommended when complete PD function is required. 


Core: Enhanced E8051 core compatible with MCS51 command set, 79% of which are single-byte single-cycle commands, and the average command speed is 8 ~ 15 times faster than that of the standard MCS51, with special XRAM data fast copy command, and double DPTR pointers. 

ROM: 64KB nonvolatile memory Flash-ROM, supoorts 10K times of erase and program, and can all be used for the program storage space; or it can be divided into a 60KB program storage area, a 1KB data storage area EEPROM and a 3KB BootLoader/ISP program area. EEPROM: 1KB EEPROM, which is divided into 16 independent blocks, supports single-byte read, single-byte write, block write (1 ~ 64 bytes), block erase (64 bytes) operations. In a typical environment, generally it supports 100K times of erase and program (non-guaranteed). 

OTP: One-time programmable data storage area, with a total of 32 bytes, and supports double-word read (4 bytes), single-byte write.

RAM: 256-byte internal iRAM, which can be used for fast temporary storage of data and stack; 2KB on-chip xRAM, which can be used for large amount of data temporary storage and DMA direct memory access.

USB: Built-in USB controller and USB transceiver, supports USB-Host mode and USB-Device mode, supports USB 2.0 full speed (12Mbps) and low speed (1.5Mbps) modes, supports data packet of up to 64 bytes, built-in FIFO, and supports DMA.

USB type-C: Support USB type-C master-slave detection, support USB PD power transmission control and 32-bit CRC calculation. 

Timer: 3 timers, the standard MCS51 timers T0/T1/T2.

Capture: T2 is extended to support 3-channel signal capture.

PWM: 8-channel PWM output, supports standard 8-bit data or fast 6-bit data.

UART: 4 UARTs, UART0 is a standard MCS51 UART; UART1/2/3 has built-in communication baud rate setting register.

SPI: The SPI controller supports Master/Slave mode, built-in FIFO, clock frequency can be approximate to half of the system clock frequency Fsys. It supports simplex multiplexing of serial data input and output.

ADC: 16-channel 12-bit A/D converter, it supports voltage comparison of multiple combinations.

Touch-key: 16-channel capacitive touch key detection. Each ADC channel supports touch key detection. 

TS: Built-in simple temperature sensor. 

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CH549G USB microcontroller with 60KB ROM/ 256B IRAM/ 2Kbytes XRAM and DMA
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