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CH554G USB microcontroller with 16KB ROM/ 256-bytes IRAM/ 1.25Kbytes XRAM and DMA

CH554G USB microcontroller with 16KB ROM/ 256-bytes IRAM/ 1.25Kbytes XRAM and DMA


  • Core: enhanced e8051 core, compatible with MCS51 instruction set. 79% of its instructions are single byte single cycle instructions. The average instruction speed is 8-15 times faster than the standard MCS51. It has a special xram data replication instruction and double dptr pointer.
  • ROM: 16 KB capacity of multi programmable non-volatile memory ROM, can be used for all program storage space
  • Data Flash: 128 bytes multi erasable non-volatile data memory, which supports rewriting data in bytes.
  • RAM: 256 bytes internal RAM, which can be used for fast data storage and stack; 1.25K bytes on chip xram can be used for large amount of data temporary storage and DMA (direct memory access).
  • USB: embedded USB controller and USB transceiver, supporting USB device mode and Host Mode, master-slave detection, supporting USB 2.0 full speed 12mbps or low-speed 1.5mbps. FIFO is built-in and supports 64 bytes of data packets.
  • Timer: three groups of timers, t0 / T1 / T2 is the standard MCS51 timer.
  • Capture: timer T2 is extended to support 2-way signal capture.
  • PWM: 2 sets of PWM output, pwm1 / pwm2 is 2-way 8-bit PWM output.
  • UART: asynchronous serial port, support higher communication baud rate, UART0 is the standard MCS51 serial port.
  • SPI: SPI controller has built-in FIFO, clock frequency up to half of the system's main frequency Fsys, supports serial data input and output simplex multiplexing, and supports master / slave mode.
  • Touch key: 4-channel capacitance detection, support independent timing interrupt.
  • GPIO: supports up to 17 GPIO pins (including Xi / XO, RST and USB signal pins).
  • Interrupt: supports 14 groups of interrupt signal sources, including 6 groups of interrupts (INT0, T0, INT1, T1, etc.) compatible with standard MCS51 UART0, T2), and extended 8 groups of interrupts (spi0, tkey, USB, ADC, uart1, pwmx, GPIO, wdog), in which GPIO interrupt can be selected from 7 pins.
  • Watch dog: 8 bits can preset watchdog timer wdog, support timing interrupt.
  • Reset: support 4 kinds of reset signal source, built-in power on reset, support software reset and watchdog overflow reset, optional pin external input reset.
  • Clock: built in 24 MHz clock source, which can support external crystal by multiplexing GPIO pins.
  •  It supports low-power sleep, USB, UART0, uart1, spi0 and part of GPIO external wake-up.
  • The chip has a unique ID number.

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CH554G USB microcontroller with 16KB ROM/ 256-bytes IRAM/ 1.25Kbytes XRAM and DMA
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