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Brand: Chinese Model: E4012
Specification :Product Name: Insulated Cord End TerminalItem No: E4012 Max voltage:150°C UI=300V Material: Copper Insulating Material: PVC.Nylon A.W.G: 22-10 Cable Size:4mm Plating: Electro-plated tin Color: Gray..
Brand: Chinese Model: RV1.25-3
Specifications:Terminal Body: BrassSuits cable/ wire sizes: 22-16 AWGWire Range: 0.34-1.5㎡Max Temperature: 75 Degrees CelsiusColor: RedMax Current: 19AInsulation: Vinyl..
Brand: Chinese Model: RV5.5-5
Specifications:Terminal Body: BrassSuits cable/ wire sizes: 12-10 AWGWire Range: 4-6㎡Max Temperature: 75 Degrees CelsiusColor: YellowMax Current: 23AInsulation: Vinyl..
Brand: Chinese Model: SV2-4
Specifications:Terminal Body: BrassSuits cable/ wire sizes: 16-14 AWGWire Range: 1.5-2.5㎡Max Temperature: 75 Degrees CelsiusColor: BlueMax Current: 17AInsulation: Vinyl..
Brand: Chinese Model: 0630-100M
10uH SMD Power Inductor  0630-100M Size: 6x6x3mm..
Brand: Chinese Model: PH-28
DescriptionSingle row of 4-holes, female header.  Standard .1" spacing.  They mate very well with break away male headers. Dimensions Pins:1x4Spacing:0.100 inGeneral specifications ..
Brand: Chinese Model: CON-14
Description:16P SMD USB-3.1 Type-C Female Socket 16Pin Connector For HD Data Transmission Shell material stainless steel..
Brand: Chinese Model: TACT-12
Description: We use these little buttons on everything! These Miniature Single Pole Single Throw switches have a good click to them and are breadboard friendly. Perfect as a tactile reset switch. These buttons are rated up to 50mA.Dim: 6x6x8mm..
Brand: Chinese Model: SMD R-0603
Surface-mount components are usually smaller than their counterparts with leads, and are designed to be handled by machines rather than by humans. The electronics industry has standardized package shapes and sizes (the leading standardization body is JEDEC). ..
Brand: Chinese Model: SMD -BEADS-0805
Ferrite Chip Beads are ideal for noise suppression in power lines at temperatures up to +175°C. it combine ferrite material that does not lose magnetic properties at high temperatures and an electrode to suppress temperature-related deterioration. Target applications are automotive equipment such as..
Brand: Chinese Model: Nuvoton Nu-Link
Features:USB ⇔ SWD bridgeSupport ICP (In-Circuit Programming)USB Plug & PlaySupport Off-line copy functionNu-Link Debug/ProgrammingSupport Device : NuMicro Families M0-M4 MCU T1-8051 / N76E003 / N76E616 / N76E885 Series (except all NANO Series, NUC505 Series)..
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