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Brand: Chinese Model: PWR-CORD-3.5A
Specifications IEC320 C7 to Flat 2 pin USA Plug Mains Lead  American NEMA 1-15P  To IEC 60320-C7  3.5A/250V IEC320 C7 to Flat 2 pin USA Plug Mains Lead American NEMA 1-15P To IEC 60320-C7 3.5A/250V..
Brand: Chinese Model: MOD-25
  ESP8266 Serial WIFI Arduino Shield Egypt Feature Technical Specifications 1, wireless 802.11 b / g / n  standards; 2, support for STA / AP two modes of operation; 3, built-in TCP / IP protocol stack, you can configure a socket ;..
Brand: Chinese Model: XY-LPWM-1-OP
PWM pulse frequency duty cycle adjustable module square wave rectangular wave signal generator    Module highlights:1. LCD liquid crystal display frequency and duty cycle, very clear,  PWMoutput can be set separately frequency and duty cycle;2. Wide frequency ..
Brand: Chinese Model: PWR-CORD
Product Description 1.5m whiteVDE Kema Keur EU Cee7 schuko power Cord 1)Type CEE side entry type to IEC C15 power cord 2)Electrical rating: 10A/250V  3)Earthing: With dual earthing contacts 4)Length: 1.5m or customzied ..
Brand: Chinese Model: Bat-12V-3000mah
Descriptions:1.Nominal voltage: 12V2. Nominal capacity: 3ah3. Electric core model: imported 186504. Combinations: 3S1P5. Weight: 152g6. Overcharge protection voltage: 12.6V (single segment 4.2V)7. Over discharge protection voltage: 7.5V (single segment 2.5V)8. Maximum charging voltage: 12.6V9. Max..
Brand: Chinese Model: Bat-12V-6000mah
Descriptions:1.Nominal voltage: 12V2. Nominal capacity: 6ah3. Electric core model: imported 186504. Weight: 291g5. Overcharge protection voltage: 12.6V (single segment 4.2V)6. Over discharge protection voltage: 7.5V (single segment 2.5V)7. Maximum charging voltage: 12.6V8. Maximum charging current..
Brand: Chinese Model: HX-3S-FL25A-A
3S 11.1V 25A 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery BMS Protection PCB Board With Balance FunctionDescription:Model: HX-3S-FL25A-ASize: about 56mm*45mm*1.2mmOver voltage range: 4.25~4.35V ± 0.05VOver discharge voltage range: 2.3~3.0V ± 0.05VMaximum operating current: 0~25AMaximum transient current: 34~40AQuie..
Brand: Chinese Model: XY-LPWM-3-OP
Module Features:Output of three-channel PWMat the same time, Adjustable frequency, 3-channel frequency output consistent, duty ratio can be independently adjusted, suitable for most occasionsLcd can display frequency and duty datio,Easy to oprate;Wide frequency range, high precision;Support Serial..
Brand: Chinese Model: 17H2A9612
Specs of Nema17 Stepper Motor 17H2A9612 : Two-phase stepper motor, 42 steps. Size: 42.5 * 42.5 * 96mm RepRap 42 two-phase four-wire stepper motor --3D printer parts the most important driving force Simply put, the stepper motor is controlled by current pulses to precisely the..
3D Printer Bed Leveling M3 Screw with SPRING and Hand Knob 3D Printer Bed Leveling M3 Screw with SPRING and Hand Knob
-50 %
Brand: Chinese Model: 3d-level-screw
Leveling Components: M3 * 40 stainless steel screws, leveling springs, leveling knob  ..
10.00EGP 20.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: Belt 2270-2GT-6
GT2 Timing Belt 2270-2GT-6 Description: GT2 Timing Belt Tooth Pitch :2mm Width:6mm Material: Rubber Size Available:160mm (80 teeth) /188mm (94 teeth) / 200mm (100 teeth) / 610mm (305 teeth) / 2270mm (1135 teeth)..
Brand: Chinese Model: Chitu V3.1
English Version TFT touch screen   This is the first 3D printer motherboard developed by CBD-Tech which has been in the Chinese market for six months with more than a thousand units sold so far. The board is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed ARM chipset (STM32F103ZET6) which results in ..
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