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Brand: Chinese Model: MOD-061
40W DC-AC inverter 12V rise 220V step-up transformer boost module module inverter transformerThis product is a high-frequency current, not ordinary multimeter test voltage, you need a professional high-frequency multi-table before the test can be obtained voltage. You test out different brand..
Brand: Chinese Model: LASER-D02
12v high power laser module 2W 450nm laser tube blue violet laser engraving machine accessories 2000mW TTL inputWavelength: 450 NMPower: 2W (max)Current: 2-4A inputVoltage: DC 12VOperating temperature: + 10- + 40Drive module: TTLCan be used for engraving, cutting.Transparent white ma..
Brand: Chinese Model: LASER-D03
Wavelength: 450 NMPower: 5.5W (max)Current: 3A inputVoltage: DC 12VOperating temperature: -10 to +40Drive module: TTL (control laser switch)Can be used for engraving, cutting. Can cut wood 6 mmTransparent white material can not be cut.The laser focal length is adjustableSize: ..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D LED Moon
Moon Falling from the Sky The 3D Moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol in human history, and it brings you a mystery, delight, belief, and romantic feeling.  Decorate your own world with this 3D Moonlight - cast a gentle glow on your desk or bedside Table. the Main Feat..
Brand: Chinese Model: 15000mw-Laser-Module
Technical Parameters:Laser wavelength: 450nm (blue-violet light)Laser Engraving Optical power: 15W (15000MW)Safety Class : 4Laser Engraving Drive mode: external ACC constant current driveLaser Engraving Cooling method: forced air coolingLaser Engraving Operating voltage: 12 V DCLaser..
Brand: Chinese Model: SHAFT-OPTICAL-16mm
Main purpose:Linear axis in the automatic rotation device has widely used, such as industrial robots, automatic recording instruments, computers, precision printers, special gas tank, automatic wood machines and other industrial machines. And because of its hardness, can extend the life of an ordi..
Brand: Chinese Model: Ard-1Sheeld
NOT FOR SALE INSIDE EGYPT BECOUSE NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM THE PRODUCER  Imagine an Arduino Shield that can be configred to be an LCD, GPS, Wifi, or any shield you may think of! 1Sheeld is a new easily configured shield for Arduino. It is connected to a mobile app that allow the usag..
Brand: Chinese Model: HB-18650-2
Product DescriptionPart Number:      Series:  With 4.8" Wire AWG22# UL1007  Dimension: ..
Brand: Chinese Model: 2020 Aluminum Corner Bracket
2020 extrusion corner fitting, 2020 aluminium profiles corner brace Type: 2020 aluminium connecting fastener Material: Die-cast aluminum alloy Suitable for most of 20mm aluminum extrusion..
Brand: Chinese Model: 2020-end-cover
2020 Aluminum Profile End Cap plastic cover plate..
Brand: Chinese Model: Corner-2020-side
2020 Aluminum Profile Side  Angle Corner Connector Joint Bracket..
Brand: Chinese Model: 2020 Black Aluminum Profile Corner
 Aluminum Bracket for Aluminum Profile 2020 seriesMaterial: AL Alloy;Widely Used For Building 3D printer Kossel , CNC Routers, Robotics Projects...
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