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Brand: Chinese Model: TDS-100H
Suitable for all sizes pipeline flow measurement, flow measurement range of 0.0 1 ~ ± 32M / s Handheld Ultrasonic Flow TDS-100H    Handheld Ultrasonic Flow meter Features: Suitable for all sizes pipeline flow measurement, flow measurement range of 0.0 ..
Brand: Chinese Model: MP12010D
High Power Adjustable DC Stabilized Power Supply 0-120V10A   Features: Plastic panel, beautiful and generous. Handle design for easy handling.  The voltage and current are set to coarse and fine, and the voltage and current values ​​are precisely adjusted. Constant volta..
Brand: Chinese Model: MP20010D
MP20010D: 0-200V/0-10A   Features: 1.     Plastic panel, beautiful and generous. Handle design for easy handling.   2. The     voltage and current are set to coarse and fine, and the voltage and current values ​​are precisely adjusted. 3.&n..
Brand: Chinese Model: HC-151
HC-151 High Quality Grey Heatsink Cooling Thermal Compound Paste Cream Syringe IT can be used wit Heatsink and CPU Graphics Card and other... High Thermal Conductivity, Low Bleed and Stable at high temperature Thermal conductivity: >1.22W/m.k Thermal Resistance: < 0.201&..
Brand: Chinese Model: DW-P303-1ACF0
High Voltage Power Supply Electrostatic Spinning Power + 30KV 1mA   Model: DW-P303-1ACF0 Input voltage: AC 220V ± 10% Output voltage: the DC 0 : + 30000V, 4 1/2 meter display (30KV)    Output current: 1mA 3/1/2 meter display (1.00mA)   Dimensions: 310 * 30..
Brand: Chinese Model: Housing Nut D12mm
Housing Nut D12mm Aluminum for SFU 1204 Ball ScrewThis Housing Nut heavy duty mount / bracket designed for 24mm OD ball nuts.It works with 1204, 12mm ball screws.Opening at the bottom allows to easily place and remove mount - no need to detach ball screw supports.Ball Screw ..
Brand: Chinese Model: Tool-YTH-78-318
Insulation Wire Cable Stripper Hand Crimping Pliers Cutting Tool YTH-78-318Features:1. Made of high quality steel, high hardness and durable to use.2. Light weight, it is easy to use.3. Comfortable ergonomic handle can reduce fatigue when using.4. It is convenient to handle plast..
Brand: Chinese Model: WQ4832
WQ4832 transistor curve tracers      WQ4832 transistor curve tracers using CRT displays various characteristics of semiconductor devices. The instrument cluster has two curves show that two-way collector scan function, the characteristics of the semiconductor device under te..
Brand: Chinese Model: K-type
K-type thermocouple Specifications : 1. Temperature range: -50 ~ 350 ℃ (below) 2. Fiberglass cable length: 1 m 3. Interface Type: flat plug-in 4. Interface Length: 12.5MM, because this is the most common interface on the market..
Brand: Chinese Model: K-type2
K-type thermocouple Features :  Sensor diameter : 4.5mm Cable Length : 1M Temperature rang : 0-400℃ Thread size : M6*1.25 Internal Insulation : Fiberglass External Shielding : Insulated Shielding     Thermocouple Thermometer schemat..
Brand: Chinese Model: Kapton-30mmx33m
KAPTON TAPE 30MMX33M Specs. 33 meter roll of 30mm wide Kapton Tape. A heat resistant electrically insulating polyimide film commonly used as a 3D printing bed surface adhesion aid.  Rated up to 260 degrees Celcius. More Info. Kapton tape is a polyimide film first developed by DuPont..
Brand: Chinese Model: LS-205-5W
MOQ  20 pcs Parameter 1,Material: Aluminium alloy 2,Solar Panel:18V 12W 3,Light Source:12V 5W 4,Battery: Lithium  battery 4AH 5,Mounting height:2-3m 6,Working time:8-1..
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