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Brand: Chinese Model: kit-2WD
Feature:Smart car chassis tracing car Robot car chassis with code disk Ideal for DIY Mechanical structure is simple, it is easy to install This car is the tachometer encoder With a 4 AA battery box (batteries not included) Can be used for distance measurement, velocity Can use with other d..
Brand: Chinese Model: GY-291-MODULE
3 Axis Digital Accelerometer - ADXL345 three-axis gravity acceleration tilt angle sensor module IIC/SPI transmissionDESCRIPTIONThe ADXL345 is a small, thin, low power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurements at up to ± 16 g. Digital output data is formatted as 16-bit two..
Brand: Chinese Model: Battery Holder 3x18650
Features: High-quality plastic holder Small size, easy to carry Takes 3 standard size 18650 batteries side by side to form a compact battery of 3.7Vx3 = 11.1V Embossed polarity marks Technical Specifications: Color: Black Weight: 21 g Battery ..
Brand: Chinese Model: SEN-A03
3-way tracking sensors, robots produced essentialThe use of infrared light detection, anti-interference abilityThe sensor uses TRT5000, high sensitivity, stable performanceOperating voltage 5V, black line output low, output high white lineExquisite, with indicatorWith fixed bolt hole for easy instal..
Brand: Chinese Model: ard-3digit-module-v1
with this new 3 Digit 2.3 inch 7 segments SPI protocol Display module using 74HC595 as a Serial to parallel Data save the required IO pins needed to drive all this number of pins and will display large size 7 segment 3 digit numbers. 2.3 Inch height, which can be visible over large distance.  M..
3 PIN Rocker Switch - SPST With Internal 220v RED Illuminated Lamp
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Brand: Chinese Model: ROCKER SW8
Description: This on/off toggle switch is rated up to 15A at 220VAC and can be panel mounted . It’ll also look pretty slick in your project box. also it has internal Lamp for 220V AC signaling..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3P-Wire-M-F
 This 3-Pin XH Plug Consistes of two Pair of Male and Female Terminals Connectors Cable Wire terminated with Connector XH2.54 PH2.0 1.25 2.54mm can be used for Battery Charging [Wire]: 1007-26awg single-head 2.0 male and female butt terminal cable[Copper wire]: 7 0.12 tinned copper[..
3 string 12V 18650 lithium battery protection board 11.1V 12.6V with equalization 25A over-current over-charge protection
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Brand: Chinese Model: HX-3S-FL25A-A
3S 11.1V 25A 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery BMS Protection PCB Board With Balance FunctionDescription:Model: HX-3S-FL25A-ASize: about 56mm*45mm*1.2mmOver voltage range: 4.25~4.35V ± 0.05VOver discharge voltage range: 2.3~3.0V ± 0.05VMaximum operating current: 0~25AMaximum transient current: 34~40AQuie..
Brand: Chinese Model: MOD-049
The protection board can not be used for iron ion polymer battery, hand drill battery pack, electric fish machine battery pack, electric bicycle battery pack, 2 re-series 24V use, 775 (4A) above motor, 1W fish eye LED lamp, Please note that the above combination of customers to buy! . ..
3 USB Adapter Wall Charger 5V 3.1A QC3.0 Mobile Phone Fast Charging LED SLS-B05
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Brand: Chinese Model: 3USB-5v3a-Charger
USB Adapter Wall Charger 5V 3.1A QC3.0 Mobile Phone Fast Charging LED SLS-B05FeatureCompatible with USB devices on the market, universalWith 3 ports, can change 3 devices meanwhile, saving timeWith intelligent output, can connect multiple electronic devices at the same timeSuitable for 100 to 2..
Brand: Chinese Model: ABE-250-TxRx
IR Infrared Motion Detector ABE-250Indoor Detection Distance 750mOudoor Detection Distance  250m ..
Brand: Chinese Model: XY-LPWM-3-OP
Module Features:Output of three-channel PWMat the same time, Adjustable frequency, 3-channel frequency output consistent, duty ratio can be independently adjusted, suitable for most occasionsLcd can display frequency and duty datio,Easy to oprate;Wide frequency range, high precision;Support Serial..
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