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Brand: Chinese Model: 3D-P003
3D printer accessories all-metal Delta pulley slip regulation hammock stationeffector Delta metal partsPitch is: 20MM * 20MMThickness: 13MMWeight: 35 g ..
Brand: Chinese Model: filament sensor
How it works: The material detection module uses the level jump detection method: When there is material, the detection level level signal should be high level, no material, the material port level signal becomes low level, the system detects a certain high Level to low level of the jump, ..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D-U-BLOCK
now using this clever U shaped aluminum block you can easily install the extruder to the gentry ..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D printer accessories
 3D printer accessories Kossel fisheye effector connector unit triangle type effector connection..
Brand: Chinese Model: Velcro-cable-1
Color: blacksimple orgnize your cablesFeatures: This product is easy to remove if the use changes, re-use of the original volume bands. ..
Brand: Chinese Model: Cable Wrapping 6mm
Color: blacksimple orgnize your cablesSpecifications: Ф6mmHow to use: Cut the required length, with cable tie is fixed at one end, and then roll the band can be wound clockwise in sequence. Features: This product is easy to remove if the use changes, re-use of the original v..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3d-p006
Features:Tip of the nozzle, aluminum heating blockMK8 extruder hot end kit, white wire was temperature thermistor, red wire was heating tube 12V40W.Specifications:Material: Aluminum & Stainless Steel & BrassScope of application: 3D printerNozzle size: 0.4mmAluminum block size: 20 mm x 20 mm ..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D Ultimaker-Head NEW
This cross fast slider for the XYZ desktop 3D printer commonly used nozzle structure, simple structure can be assembled into a single-headed three-headed three. Currently used by most machinesCenter distance 18mmThe effect of the installation is as followsSide of..
Brand: Chinese Model: 3d-slider-kit-corexy
Product Features:this a complete slider kit to connect two X,Y cross shaft structure, simple structure stable performance, is commonly used in many printers, is the best configuration for 3D printer belt methods, very practical, suitable for mounting the optical axis of the dim. o..
Brand: Chinese Model: V-Wheel-rub-1
Product DescriptionThe OpenBuilds Delrin V Wheel Kit is great for use with any V Wheel Linear Guide System and they are compatible with V-Slot Linear Rail and OpenRail. * This wheel has a double v shape that allows for it to ride on the V-Slot™ as well as the OpenRail™ Each wheel is..
Brand: Chinese Model: V-Wheel2
Product DescriptionOpenBuilds StainlessSteel V Wheel Kit is great for use with any hard V Rail Linear Guide System.Each wheel is carefully milled for consistent high precision and tolerance.Includes:(1) Metal V Wheel (2) Ball Bearings - 625 2RS..
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