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Brand: Chinese Model: V-Wheel-rub-1
Product Description The OpenBuilds Delrin V Wheel Kit is great for use with any V Wheel Linear Guide System and they are compatible with V-Slot Linear Rail and OpenRail. * This wheel has a double v shape that allows for it to ride on the V-Slot™ as well as the OpenRail™ Each wheel is..
Brand: Chinese Model: V-Wheel2
Product Description OpenBuilds StainlessSteel V Wheel Kit is great for use with any hard V Rail Linear Guide System. Each wheel is carefully milled for consistent high precision and tolerance. Includes: (1) Metal V Wheel (2) Ball Bearings - 625 2RS..
Brand: Chinese Model: 625zz-Wheel-pulley
3D printer and CNC accessories parts mini Nylon Pulley with 625ZZ bearing Product description type: R type of plastic bearings Model number: R5x21.5x7 inner diameter: 5 mm playing diameter: 21.5 mm Height: 7 mm Material: POM Polyoxymethylene Bearing size: 625ZZ apply t..
Brand: Chinese Model: V-Wheel-rub-2
Product Description The Mini V Wheel Kit is used in conjuntion with Mini V Plate to create a small form factor linear actuator guide! These Mini V Wheels can be used on a variety of projects and are great for use with any V-Slot Extrusion. Each wheel is carefully mille..
3D printer and CNC accessories parts Solid Rubber Derlin V wheel
-58 %
Brand: Chinese Model: V-Wheel-rub-3
Product Description The OpenBuilds Solid V Wheel is a strong wheel that resist deflection due to its solid nature. This wheel style was produced for two reasons.  First for builds where heavier loads were required and less compressing in the delrin is noticed. Many of these wheels..
25.00EGP 60.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: SBR12UU
Product features Product Name : Linear Motion Ball Bearing;Model : SBR12UU Material : Metal, Rubber;Inner Diameter : 12mm/ 0.47" Screw Hole Dia(Each) : 4mm/ 5/32";Pitch : 27 x 28mm/ 1" x 1.1"(L*W) Overall Size : 39 x 39 x 27mm/ 1.5" x 1.5"..
Brand: Chinese Model: SBR16UU
Product features Product Name : Linear Motion Ball Bearing; Model : SBR16UU Material: metal, rubber; inner diameter: 16Mm/ 0.63 inch Screw Hole Dia(Each) : 4mm/ 5/32";Pitch : 30 x 32mm/ 1.2" x 1.3"(L*W)     Product description ..
Brand: Chinese Model: 17H2A9612
Specs of Nema17 Stepper Motor 17HS9612 : Two-phase stepper motor, 42 steps. Size: 42.5 * 42.5 * 60mm RepRap 42 two-phase four-wire stepper motor --3D printer parts the most important driving force Simply put, the stepper motor is controlled by current pulses to precisely the ..
3D Printer Bed Leveling M3 Screw with SPRING and Hand Knob 3D Printer Bed Leveling M3 Screw with SPRING and Hand Knob
-50 %
Brand: Chinese Model: 3d-level-screw
Leveling Components: M3 * 40 stainless steel screws, leveling springs, leveling knob  ..
10.00EGP 20.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: 3d-BlueT-48mm
3D Printer Egypt  Blue Tape  Description Dim: 48mmX30m Color: Blue To be used with: All NozzleforDesktop 3D printer According to the size of the printing object the corresponding position of the heating plate adhesive tape note pasted flatness...
Brand: Chinese Model: Belt 2270-2GT-6
GT2 Timing Belt 2270-2GT-6 Description: GT2 Timing Belt Tooth Pitch :2mm Width:6mm Material: Rubber Size Available:160mm (80 teeth) /188mm (94 teeth) / 200mm (100 teeth) / 610mm (305 teeth) / 2270mm (1135 teeth)..
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