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Chitu F Mini with 2.8 inch touch screen 32-bit 3d printer Controller Motherboards

Chitu F Mini with 2.8 inch touch screen 32-bit 3d printer Controller Motherboards


• Compared to others 3D printer motherboards, especially the open source motherboards which lack powerful computing power (specially for delta printers) for printing in fast speed with detail outcome, this motherboard don’t. The motherboard was born to aid current 3D-printer manufacturers with a stable and full functional motherboard. The firmware includes data and variables collected from different 3D printer manufacturers and in-house testing data. That’s to day, this motherboard was originally mend for 3D-printer manufacturer that wants to offer its customer a 3D-printer with a real stable motherboard.
• The motherboard is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed ARM chipset (STM32F103ZET6) which results in high computing power which makes print outcome more detailed even if the speed is increased. The board also has functions that carries out repeated optimization, employing SD file configuration mode which equals to convenient and quick renewal.
The motherboard uses self-developed firmware, with all the advantage of open source firmware. The firmware uses SD file configuration, which can be updated easily and quickly.
• The board, together with color touch screen, enjoys simple interface and high sensitive touchscreen. The firmware has experienced arc optimization, PID temperature stability optimization and can shutdown automatically after printing.
• It also supports breakpoints, which means you can pause it during the printing, save the position, turn off the electricity and the next day you can resume to print again in the exact same position you left of your printing.


Parameters of Mainboard

External Dimension:150*100mm
Microprocessor : STM32
Input Voltage : 12V~24V 10~15A
Power Interface: Switching power supply or adapter
Motor Driver: Allegro A4988 (1/16 microstepping)
ChiTu V3.6 can be externally connected motor drive
Motor Driven Interface: Single head motherboard has four motor interface
Double head motherboard has five motor interface
Temperature Sensor Interface: 3 paths of 100K NTC (thermistor)
2 paths of MAX6675(thermocouple)
Color Touch Screen: 2.8 or 3.5 inches of TFT
Upgraded Firmware supporting SD card (supports 8G<= FAT 16 and FAT32)
Square USB that is convenient in pull and plug, Communication Baud Rate is 115200
File Format Supported: G-code
Machine Structure Supported: XYZ type, Ultimaker type, Hbot type, Delta, Kossel type.
Recommendation of Software: Cura/Repetier-host/Makerware/Simplify3d
Expandable modules: WIFI module, power module( continue to print after power off), large
motor drive, SD card module, USB drive module
One set included:
1 x Mini Single extruder motherboard (with Thermistor)
1 x 2.8" TFT Touch Screen
1 x 50cm FFC cable
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Chitu F Mini with 2.8 inch touch screen 32-bit 3d printer Controller Motherboards
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