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Laser Modules

Laser Modules
Brand: Chinese Model: LASER-D02
12v high power laser module 2W 450nm laser tube blue violet laser engraving machine accessories 2000mW TTL inputWavelength: 450 NMPower: 2W (max)Current: 2-4A inputVoltage: DC 12VOperating temperature: + 10- + 40Drive module: TTLCan be used for engraving, cutting.Transparent white ma..
Brand: Chinese Model: LASER-D03
Wavelength: 450 NMPower: 5.5W (max)Current: 3A inputVoltage: DC 12VOperating temperature: -10 to +40Drive module: TTL (control laser switch)Can be used for engraving, cutting. Can cut wood 6 mmTransparent white material can not be cut.The laser focal length is adjustableSize: ..
Brand: Chinese Model: 15000mw-Laser-Module
Technical Parameters:Laser wavelength: 450nm (blue-violet light)Laser Engraving Optical power: 15W (15000MW)Safety Class : 4Laser Engraving Drive mode: external ACC constant current driveLaser Engraving Cooling method: forced air coolingLaser Engraving Operating voltage: 12 V DCLaser..
Brand: Chinese Model: 5500mw-Laser-Module
This 5500mw Laser module WISDREAM-MO02-3 Can Cut 3mm Wood and engrave Stainless steelProduct Details Key Specifications/Special Features: 5.5W 40mm laser module, sufficient power, rear drive, can cut 3mm Cork wood, engrave stainless steel! Please pay attention to +ve a..
Brand: Chinese Model: LASER-D01
The laser head is composed of a light-emitting tube, condenser lens and adjustable copper sleeve and it is assembled when delivered, the focal length of the lens is adjusted glued by strong glue stick, which can work directly after connecting to a 5V DC power supply. Pay attention to the laser ..
Brand: Chinese Model: Marker kit
Laser Engraver Marker kitPRODUCT INFORMATION:This Low powered laser engraver module mounts directly to the Z-Axis for the laser engraving mechanism kit. available with the following Kit Dimensions: (300mmx300mmx400mm)  (400mmx400mmx400mm)  (500mmx500mmx500mm)Produc..
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