An inertial measurement unit, or IMU, is an electronic device that measures and reports on a craft's velocityorientation, and gravitational forces, using a combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes, sometimes also magnetometers. IMUs are typically used to maneuver aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), among many others, and spacecraft, including satellites and landers. Recent developments allow for the production of IMU-enabled GPS devices. An IMU allows a GPS receiver to work when GPS-signals are unavailable, such as in tunnels, inside buildings, or when electronic interference is present.

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ADXL345 3-Axis Accelerometer

The ADXL345 is 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution  measurement at up to +/-16 g. Digital..


ENC-03MB single-axis gyro sensor module

MODULE SPECS: A sensor module measures the rotation of a shaft; Module uses rail-to-rai..


GY-91 MPU9250 + BMP280 IMU10DOF 9-axis accelerometer gyroscope compass sensor module

MPU-9250 + BMP280 module (Three-axis gyroscope + triaxial accelerometer three-axis magnetic field..


Gyroscope MPU6050 6 DOF IMU Module

QUICK OVERVIEW This is an MPU6050 triple-axis gyroscope and acce​​lerometer module for Arduino wi..