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Brand: Chinese Model: FPC-CON-10P
FFC FPC Connector 10pin 1.0mm Pitch Drawer Type Bottom Contact Flat Ribbon suitable to be used with our DWIN HMI panels 3.5,4.3,5 inches for Flat Cable..
K Type Male Connectors Plug Thermocouple K-Type
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Brand: Chinese Model: K-Type-Plug
K Type Male Connectors Plug Thermocouple K-TypeSize: 3.5*1.8*0.9CMNote: the K Type Plug Picture Color degree may be different from the True Color due to item supplier changing or other reasons..
microSD Memory Socket Pcb Mounted
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Brand: Chinese Model: MicroSd-socket-m1
Description:Do you need a lot of space? But you need it in the size of your pinky nail? microSD (uSD) is here to save the day. TransFlash has now completed standards certification and is now known as microSD. Compatible with the SPI interface found on any SD card, this tiny form factor..
Brand: Chinese Model: PH2.0MM-6P
 PH 6-Pin Mini Connector PH2.0-6P (2.0mm) for Nema 17 stepper MotorProduct DescriptionPH 6-Pin Mini Connector PH2.0-6P (2.0mm) with FREE pins ready to be crimped with our fast crimpersuitable for Nema17 cable making and other stuff which need small size connectors like t..
Brand: Chinese Model: pinheader-2-x-40-pin-2-54mm
Pin Header Connector Pinheader 2 x 40 Pin 2.54mm Double Row Right angle Male Breakaway PCB Board  For Arduino2 * 40 Pin  Right AnglePin header: Brass, Tin platedPitch : 2.54 mm..
Brand: Chinese Model: RJ45-8Pin
RJ45 Pin IdentificationNo:Pin NumberPairWire Color11Pair 1White with Orange28Brown with White32Pair 2Orange with White47White with Brown53Pair 3White with Green66Green with White74Pair 4Blue with White85White with BlueRJ45 Connector Specifications8P8C RJ-45 Connector (8-pin connector)Through Ho..
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