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Brand: Creality Model: 3D EXT FRM REM KIT
3D Printer MK8 Remote Extruder Aluminum Frame Block DIY Kit Makerbot Dedicated Single Nozzle Head 3D printer accessories, MK8 Remote extruder aluminum block DIY kit, Makerbot dedicated single nozzle,   Package:Aluminum block built into fr..
Brand: Creality Model: Creality CR-7 KIT
Features of Creality CR-7 DIY High-Performance 3D PrinterTimesaving: installation can be completed within an hour Newest movement fram, high accurancy and low noise printing Pluggable circuit board Safety: nozzle is surrounded by 3mm aluminum plate, very safe Unheated platform, never burns ..
Brand: Creality Model: CR10-LH
A dedicated laser engraver module upgrade for your Creality CR-10 3D Printer.PRODUCT INFORMATION:This high powered laser engraver module mounts directly to the extruder head turning your CR-10 3D Printer into a laser engraving machine. Compatible with the following models:..
Brand: Creality Model: ATTEN ADS1022C
Technical Parameters         Product Type ADS1102C ADS1062C ADS1042C ADS1022C Screen Display Color Color Color Color Bandwidth 100MHz 60MHz 40MHz 25MHz Screen Size 5.7 " color LCD screen / mono..
Brand: Creality Model: 7820
Description: This is the basic L7820 voltage regulator, a three-terminal positive regulator with a 5V fixed output voltage. This fixed regulator provides a local regulation, internal current limiting, thermal shut-down control, and safe area protection for your project. Each one of these v..
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