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DC-DC Boost Converter Step-up module 1.5V to 12V

DC-DC Boost Converter Step-up module 1.5V to 12V



Input voltage: DC1-5V (1.5V or more is recommended as well)

Output voltage: 12V fixed

Size: Length 25mm * wide 16mm * 6mm high

Conversion rate: 90% (maximum)

Load power consumption: 3-15mA


 The maximum continuous output power of 4W, then high temperature, and the maximum continuous input current 1A, peak 1.5A, 2A current resistance moment! 

Enter the no-load 1.5V: without LED current 2-3.5mA, belt LED 10-15mA (12V output test) 

when you can output 1.5V minimum input voltage of 12V and current of approximately 10-15mA about 

====== = Note: the output voltage does not recommend more than 10 times the input, output or easy out of control!====== 

The following is a routine test data for reference only :() 

If, as a 1.5V liter 12V, bulk ordering no LED version is recommended, can reduce no-load power! Will reduce the cost of 

inputs DC2V boost to 12V output current of about 100mA or so, enter DC3V boost to 12V output current of about 200mA 

input DC4.2V to 12V output boost current of about 250mA, 12V input DC 5V boost to output current of about 300mA -350mA

About modules starting current: starting current when the load is purely resistive input 2-2.5 times the continuous current, start-up time is approximately one second!

When the load is a DC conversion apparatus words (such as a router or an optical fiber cat) starting current is 4-6 times the input current, the starting time 1S

For lack of output power or mobile power mobile power with auto shutdown

Driver router or switch device when the user can have two options,

One is the direct driving boosted battery, for example 18650, the battery capacity is not small, another approach is to

Transducer with overload or current limiting protection modules, or can not use certain mobile power,

Of course, part of the low-cost mobile power 5V1A because there is no limit protection and can be used directly to this board!

If the load current is not the case, we recommend that customers choose 5W single-chip solution ,,

The program can be set to the maximum input current, and then to ensure that the lowest current load start, load start,


After some while after the module is not restricted only to start with load or enter a fairly large current load!

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DC-DC Boost Converter Step-up module 1.5V to 12V
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