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Delta Kossel 3d printer Circular Heated Bed

Delta Kossel 3d printer Circular Heated Bed

Round PCB Delta Kossel 3d printer Circular Heated Bed specifications:-

Hot Bed Model: MK2aY

Heating Diameter: 20cm

Outside diameter: 22cm

Operating voltage: 12v

Tip Description: Round bed thermal power 90W  , heating up to110 ° - 135 °, that can withstand heat up to 135 degrees bed.But best not heated to this temperature. In normal operation, according to the different materials, different temperature settings. ABS material is about 110 degrees, PLA material is about 70 degrees.


  By welding one meter high temperature

wire, it can be used directly, and the other sent

to one meter line with 100K thermistor

temperature resistance.


Features: flatness, uniform heating, heating up fast, can effectively

increase the adhesion of the print and prevent Alice, ABS and other

materials suitable for printing, it can also be used to improve the print

quality of the PLA.

Detailed thermal

bed First, reason for hot bed is FDM ( molten bulk) printing machine-specific parts, the main purpose is to prevent Alice. So what was the reason Alice is it? Alice is because the material is cooled caused by shrinkage. Different shrinkage of different materials, so Alice degree side is different, but one thing is certain, while Alice is inevitable, inevitable, can only mitigate the effects of edge lifting. So some brothers said: "I print the PLA so no hot bed." This sentence wrong, print different manufacturersPLA , the effect is different. Some Alice obvious, and some will be very serious. Second, why can reduce hot bed while Alice hot bed not eradicate Alice, only weakened. The main principle is that by heating the hot bed, so that the print is maintained at a higher temperature ( PLA 60 ° C ABS100 degrees Celsius) to prevent the material is cooled during the printing process, model Alice. Third, the thermal performance analysis of the bed 1 , a polyimide heater chip (soft yellow, you can add the kind of tape), uneven heating, easily damaged, and needs 3M adhesive tape on an aluminum plate, made ​​to order 2 , heating rods & Aluminum uneven heating, aluminum requires very thick 3 , PCB hot bed, the bed is the best heat, heat evenly, can not add aluminum to increase the manual leveling, stable, easy to damage. Four, PCB hot bed principle PCB thermal resistance depends mainly on the bed to heat the thermal effect, the current through the resistor, may have a fever, P = (U * U) / R, usually heating power 120W, at 12V voltage, the resistance of about


1 ohm, current 10A.According to the formula, points increase, will greatly improve the heating power.So use the time not arbitrarily increase the supply voltage, to avoid danger. Five hot bed guide 1 supply voltage to the rated voltage coincides with the hot bed, or slightly higher, can not be much higher, doubling the voltage, thermal power will bed into the original 4 -fold risk of oh.

2 To use a closed-loop heat bed is to have a temperature measurement + feedback+ temperature control, the board generally with temperature control, so rest assured you, has been welded hot bed thermistor

3 hot bed temperature is too slow how to do? You can improve it a little bit of power supply voltage, for example 12v hot bed with a 15V supply electric power becomes the original 1.5 times.

4 Wiring must be thick enough, 10A current, it is recommended 2.5 mm diameter.

5 Cautions : hot bed to stop power supply after, still hot, please pay attention to safety, careful hot

6 Cautions : home with children,



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Delta Kossel 3d printer Circular Heated Bed
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