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DGUS TFT LCD Module DWIN DMT48270C043_15WT 4.3 inch WITH FRAME

DGUS TFT LCD Module DWIN DMT48270C043_15WT 4.3 inch WITH FRAME

Product Description



Smart UART-interface, TFT LCD Module with TTL serial communication; It could be controlled by any normal MCU with serial interface.

Up to 65K color (16-bit) true color display, which could make your products more attractive.

Reliable performance with wide temperature/voltage range achieve it's various application whatever in consumer field.

With self designed GUI R&D software and pre-installed Commands, anyone could design their idea interface.
Color65K (65536) colors16 bit color 5R6G5B
Active Area (A.A.)95.0mm (W) × 53.9mm (H)480 × 272
View Area (V.A.)96.0mm (W) × 55.8mm (H)480 × 272
Resolution480 × 27290° rotation display (272 x 480)
Brightness300 nit (DMT48270M043_02WN)64 levels adjustment
250 nit (DMT48270M043_02WT)64 levels adjustment

| Voltage & Current
Power Voltage-
Operation CurrentVCC = +5V, Backlight on-220-mA
VCC = +5V, Backlight off-100-mA
Recommended power supply: 5V 1A DC
| Reliability Test
Working Temperature60%RH at 5V voltage-202570o C
Storage Temperature--302570o C
Working Humidity25 o C10%60%90%RH
Protective Paint--None--
Aging Test--None-H
| Interface
Output Voltage
Output 1, Iout = 1mA3.03.2-V
Output 0, Iout = -1mA-0.10.2V
Input Voltage
Input 1, Iin = 1mA2.03.35.0V
Input 0, Iin = -1mA-
Interface8N1, 3.3V TTL/CMOS
Socket10Pin_1.0mm FCC
SD SlotYes (FAT32 file format, micro SD/TF)

| Memory 
FlashSpace of Font-32-MB
Picture Storage (128MB)--374Pcs
RAMVariable Storage Space-4-KB
Refresh RateHigh-speed Mode 100 Ms
Normal Mode 200 Ms

| Peripheral
Peripherals Acquired
PeripheralsDMT48270M043_02WN : RTC, Buzzer
DMT48270M043_02WT : 4-wire resistance touchscreen, RTC, Buzzer
| Main Features of Mini DGUS Module
Main Features of Mini DGUS Module
1. Hardware & interface: ARM kernel; 128MB flash; 2KB DGUS flash; inapplicable for conditions with strong interference.
Unsupported functions: CRC checksum, data exporting and firmware upgrading via SD card, user defined baud rate.
2. Software: Unsupported functions: firmware parameter settings, DWIN_OS, software timer interface.
Only 2 curves are supported in dynamic curve function.
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DGUS TFT LCD Module DWIN DMT48270C043_15WT 4.3 inch WITH FRAME
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