Digital Gauss and Tesla and permanent magnet meter WT10A

Pre-Order Digital Gauss and Tesla and permanent magnet meter  WT10A


Gaussmeter Tesla meter WT10A  WT-10A the fluxmeter surface magnetic field tester with Ns function With Metal probe

Handheld digital WT10A gauss meter used to measure the magnetic field of the  permanent magnet material surface, DC motors, speakers, magnetic separator,  permanent magnetic separator magnetic field demagnetization and the leakage of  the magnetic field, parts machining residual magnetic field. The instrument can  be portable, wide measuring range, easy to operate, clear LCD.


Specification :

Measuring range: 0 to 200mT milli-Tesla of - 2000mT millitesla
Basic error: +-2percent +-3 word (below 1000mT millitesla of)
+-5percent +-3 words (over 1000mT millitesla)
Resolution force: 0.1mT millitesla, 1mT cents Benitez
Measured magnetic field: a DC magnetic field (static magnetic field)
Ambient temperature: 5 Degrees Celsius ~ 40Degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity: 20 percent to 80 percent (non-condensing)
Power supply: one 9V battery, external power supply
Dimensions: 148mm × 70mm × 25mm
Instrument Weight: 260g
Display mode: the measurement of the 3 1/2 LCD has a positive, negative, n  represents N pole, negative represents S pole
Display units: mT millitesla the
Remarks: 1mT millitesla = 10Gs Gaussian

This Device Includes the Following:-

1 x WT10A Gaussmeter Tesla meter
1 x User Manual
1 x Metal probe
1 x DC Adapter
Batteries are not Included


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