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Digital Multimeter UNI-T UT-39A (UT39A)

Digital Multimeter UNI-T UT-39A (UT39A)

Display: max. reading 1999 counts 
DC Voltage: 200mV/2/20/200V ± 0.5%, 1,000V±0.8% 
AC Voltage: 2V/20V/200V±0.8%, 750V±1.2% 
DC Current: 2uA/200uA/20mA/-±0.8%, 200mA±1.5%, 10A±2.0% 
AC Current: 200uA ±1.0% 20mA/200mA ± 1.8%, 10A±1.0% 
Resistance: 200/2K/20K/2Mohm ± 0.8%, 20Mohm/200ohm ± 1.0% 
Capacitance: 2n/200n/2uF ± 4.0% 
Continuity checking with buzzer (when resistance is less than 10 ohms) 
Diode check 
hFE: 1 - 1000 
Power source: 6F22 (9V) x 1 

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Digital Multimeter UNI-T UT-39A (UT39A)
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