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FPGA Boards & Accessories

Brand: Chinese Model: ALTERA-USB-Cable
Altera USB Byte Blaster Cable USB Programmer & Debugger Rev C Brand new and high quality. Fully compatible with original Altera USB-Blaster. Supported target voltage : 1.0V-5.5V. Support all ALTERA deveice. CPLD:MAX 3000A、MAX 7000A、MAX 7000B、MAX 7000S、MAX 9000、MAX 9000A and MAX II. FPGA:Stratix..
Brand: Chinese Model: XC6SLX9-Board1
Introduction The purpose of this manual is to describe the functionality and contents of the AX309 development board. This document includes instructions for operating the board, descriptions of the hardware features, and explanations of the test code programmed into the on-board program..
Brand: Chinese Model: Xilinx-USB-Cable
Description The Platform Cable USB a USB compatible cable for in-circuit configuration and programming of all Xilinx devices. It is compatible with the original XILINX Platform Cable USB. Key Features Performance Using CY7C68013A+XC2C256 solution, fully compatible with the ..
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