ER11 48V 400W Brushless CNC Spindle Motor with Driver Kit Best price in Egypt

SOLD OUT ER11 48V 400W Brushless CNC Spindle Motor with Driver Kit

Note: This kit comes standard 3.175mm collet chuck

This machine is widely used by DIY users, reaction effect is good, high speed, low noise, suitable for carving PCB, acrylic, drilling and so on. . . .

Brushless motor features:

1, brushless, low interference, in addition to the brushless motor brushes, the most immediate change is not a spark generated by a brush motor is running, thus greatly reducing the spark interference to radio remote control device.

2, low noise, smooth operation, brushless motors no brushes, friction is greatly reduced when running, running smoothly, the noise will be much lower, the advantages of the device operation stability is a great support.

3, long life, low maintenance costs, less wear brush, brushless motor mainly on the bearing, from a mechanical point of view, the brushless motor is an almost maintenance-free electric motor, and (life of at least a brush more than 10 times the motor) when necessary, as long as do some maintenance to dust. On the next comparison, we know brushless motor brush motor with respect to the advantages of where we are.

Spindle motor: new brushless DC motor (imported NSK Bearings)

Operating voltage: 48VDC brushless drive required, the motor can operate

Power: 400W

Speed: 12000r / min

Torque: 0.5294 (Nm)

Insulation resistance:> 2 megohms

Dielectric strength: 400V

Diameter: 57mm (fixed body parts to 55mm)

Chuck portion length: Arbor parts 35mm, (including the nut and sandwich 43mm)

Part chuck diameter: 16mm

Motor Overall Length: 172mm (comprising gripping parts and motor)

Spindle Weight: 1.1KG

Spindle runout of about 0.01-0.03.

It can be used to engrave metal or non-metal and other materials.

The spindle comes with forced air cooling, can work long hours.

Brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller 
I. Features: 
1, Model: the HX-WS400 
2, working voltage: DC18V-DC52V 
3, the drive current: Rated 10A, Peak 15A. 
4, drive power: ≤500w (work-related voltage) 
5, the closed-loop steady speed, large load speed of the motor can maintain 
6, pure hardware design, high speed, high noise immunity 
7, external potentiometer control, analog voltage 0 -5V and PWM speed (MACH3 control) 
8, Reversible control, soft switching function 
9, overcurrent and short circuit protection indicator (red LED) 
10, with EN enable control

Name Description  
DC + DC- DC voltage input of DC18-52V  
the U-V line of the W-phase motor  
HALL + Hall positive supply  
HA HB HC Hall signal line  
HALL- Hall negative power supply  
+ 5V power supply control signals + 5V  
VR speed control signal input terminal  
GND control signal power ground common  
F / R Forward / reverse control signal terminal  
PWM PWM frequency (MACH3)  
EN enable control input

Second, the function: 
(1) speed mode 
1, the default speed potentiometer can be carried out directly by the rotation speed potentiometer 
2 analog control, VR pin is connected to a voltage signal input terminal, GND pin to ground (voltage range 0- 5V) (NOTE external voltage signal control necessary to remove the potentiometer control takes effect, whether the person can not control) 
3, using an external PWM signal input speed control, external PWM input requirements: level 3.5-12V VPP, frequency 1K- 10KHZ, suitable for MACH3 spindle speed control, (note the external PWM signal control necessary to remove the potentiometer control takes effect, whether the person can not control). 
(2) Motor Run / stop control (EN) 
1, relative to a control terminal GND EN-off can be controlled and the motor stops running. EN pin is floating the motor is running, when the GND terminal is connected motor stops. 
(3) motor forward / reverse control (F / R) 
1, control F / R and + 5V on-off control the running direction. When the F / R and + 5V is not activated, the motor is running counter clockwise, otherwise the motor clockwise direction.

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