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eSUN 3D PLA plus 1.75mm - Black Color

eSUN 3D PLA plus 1.75mm - Black Color


Diameter1.75mm (Accuracy:1.7-1.8mm)
Heated Bed Temperature0/65℃
Printing Temperature205-225°C
Net Weight1.00 KG
MaterialPLA; ISO9001:2008,DIN CERTCO EN13432, FDA PLA 1001:SZHH00512395,ROHS



- 1.75mm (Accuracy:1.7-1.8mm)
- 3.00mm (Accuracy:2.9-3.0mm)



- extracted and purified from corn grain;
- high rigidity, good glossiness and transparency;
- suitable for printing larger models;
- toughness is 2 times more than the PLA on the market;
- no wiredrawing problems, the surface of the printouts will be smoother and more delicate;
- no cracking problem.



- 1.0kg/spool

Compatibale 3D Printer:

Suitbale for Makerbot,RepRap,UP, Flashforge, Ultimaker,Printrbot and any other FDM 3D printers!


Why Choose ESUN:

1. Product variety and Good quality

2. Sustainable R&D capacity

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eSUN 3D PLA plus 1.75mm - Black Color
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  • Brand: eSUN Filament
  • Model: esun-f0
  • Weight: 1.10kg
  • Dimensions: 220.00mm x 220.00mm x 80.00mm
  • SKU: M-Roof
  • UPC: 1927
  • Location: A-Roof
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