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Fuse Fluke 1A / 600V

Fuse Fluke 1A / 600V
Product Description
Replacement Fluke meter fuse for the Fluke meters shown below. Fluke references meter fuse holders by the markings "F1", "F2" or "F3." Since Fluke meter fuses may be used in different meters, in different fuse positions, we have listed in the chart below for each meter the correct fuse position. Fuse measures 10mm x 35mm and is a fast-acting, "fast blow" type fuse. Fast blow fuses are not appropriate for protecting equipment from voltage surges on standard AC power lines. 

Please note: Fuses are not returnable. Fuses are cross-referenced and verified to work only in the instruments listed for each fuse and on our meter-to-fuse selection guides. The only specifications known are those shown. Purchase for use in any other equipment is strictly at your own risk.

Also known as fluke fuse 1A 600V fluke 871210 fluke 871207 fluke 830828 buss fuse BBS-1 fluke fuse BBS 1 bussmann bbs-1 littelfuse bls001 littelfuse bls-1 littlefuse bls1 testpath116226


Used with the following Models:-


Fluke 29-2F1
Fluke 76F1
Fluke 83 S/N less than 66290001F1
Fluke 85 S/N less than 66340001F1
Fluke 87 S/N less than 65650001F1
Fluke 88F1
Fluke 79F1
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Fuse Fluke 1A / 600V
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  • Model: Fuse 1A / 600V
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