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Graphic LCD Modules

Brand: Chinese Model: TFT-4.3IN-AN
The new 4.3-inch digital screen kit Key Features Description: 1. 4.3-inch 16: 9 2. Resolution: Horizontal Vertical 480 x 320 * 3. Power supply: DC-12V 4. Screen Size: 96 * 56mm 5. Power consumption: 2W 6. Working temperature: -15 ° C ~ + 40 ° C 7. Storage temperature: -15 ° C ~ +..
Brand: Chinese Model: GLCD12864-B3
OVERVIEW This is a framed graphical LCD 64x128 with blue black-light . This unit is a very clear STN type LCD with a simple command interface.  refer to this datasheet here..
Brand: Chinese Model: nok-5110
Specification: Power supply voltage: 2.7V- 3.3V Backlight Power Supply Voltage: 3.3V MAX 43.6mm x 43.1mm(width X height) 84 x 84 dot matrix LCD,can show 4 lines of characters, 12 Characters Per Line Feature: Uses Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to communicate with the microcontroller, ..
Brand: Chinese Model: TFT-7IN-RP
Features 800×480 high resolution Capacitive touch control Supports Raspberry Pi Supports Banana Pi / Banana Pro, comes with Lubuntu, Raspbian images Supports BB Black, comes with Angstrom image For other mini-PCs, driver is required and should be developed by users Not only for mini-PCs, it..
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