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Heatbed MK2B PCB 12v 24v HOT BED for 3D Printer

Heatbed MK2B PCB 12v 24v HOT BED for 3D Printer

 MK2B PCB 12v 24v HOT BED for 3D Printer Heatbed

Now in Egypt a 3D Printer PCB HeatBed, it improves printing quality by helping to prevent warping. As extruded plastic cools, it shrinks slightly. When this shrinking process does not occur throughout a printed part evenly, the result is a warped part. 


This warping is commonly seen as corners being lifted off of the build platform. Printing on a heated bed allows the printed part to stay warm during the printing process and allow more even shrinking of the plastic as it cools below melting point. Heated beds usually yield higher quality finished builds with materials such as ABS and PLA. A heatbed can also allow users to print without rafts.

This self-regulating heat bed provide a temperature controlled build platform ideally suited for printing with PLA or ABS.

A central mounting hole on the front side to allow for three point mounting. This is much easier for bed leveling in comparison to 4 point mounting. 

First level the side with two holes and fix in place, then level the side with one hole. A glass plate is highly recommended to provide a truly flat surface and rigidity

The pads to solder onto have been greatly increased as shown in the picture below. The picture shows the wires prepared for soldering routed through the holes for extra security. This does not remove the need to use proper strain relief. 


  • Dimensions 214mmx 214mm
  • Laminate FR4 1.6+-0.15mm
  • 2 layer, 35μm copper
  • Red Solder mask - both sides
  • White Silkscreen - both sides
  • Power Input: 12Vdc
  • copper plated holes

PCB heatbed on reprap wiki


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Heatbed MK2B PCB 12v 24v HOT BED for 3D Printer
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