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High Power Adjustable DC Stabilized Power Supply 0-120V10A

High Power Adjustable DC Stabilized Power Supply 0-120V10A
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High Power Adjustable DC Stabilized Power Supply 0-120V10A



  1. Plastic panel, beautiful and generous. Handle design for easy handling. 
  2. The voltage and current are set to coarse and fine, and the voltage and current values ​​are precisely adjusted.
  3. Constant voltage and constant current automatic conversion can be used as a constant voltage source or as a constant current source.
  4. Complete protection functions: adjustable overvoltage protection (OVP), short circuit current limiting protection (OCP), over temperature protection (OTP), overcurrent protection (OPP).
  5. The circuit design is reasonable, the key components are imported, and can be used at full load for a long time. PWM switch mode, light weight, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.            

Application range:

  1. Factory product aging test: aging test of products such as DC motor, car DVD, car audio, resistor, capacitor, etc.
  2. Battery charging industry: Perfect for battery charging industry, first provide constant current charging, then switch to constant voltage trickle charging, or set overvoltage protection, implement automatic charging, fully automatic stop.
  3. Inverter industry: Overcome the stuck problem of linear power relay conversion, extremely fast response speed, and meet the instantaneous changing load requirements.
  4. LED manufacturing industry: LED testing, aging.
  5. Everything else needs a DC regulated power supply.


  1. Input voltage: 220V 50Hz (default)
  2. Output voltage: DC 0-120 V continuously adjustable
  3. Output current: DC 0-nominal value A continuously adjustable
  4. Display resolution: voltage 0. 1V, current 0.1A. (Can be customized 0.01V, 0.01A resolution display)
  5. Display accuracy: ± 1% ± 1 word
  6. Voltage stability: ≤ 0.2%
  7. Current stability: ≤ 0.5%
  8. Load stability: ≤ 0.5%
  9. Ripple and noise: ≤ 1% RMS
  10. Cooling method: Intelligent temperature control fan forced air cooling.
  11. Working environment: -10 - 40 °C Relative humidity < 80%
  12. Storage environment: -20 — 80 °C Relative humidity < 80%
  13. Appearance size: length 380mm * width 260mm * height 160mm (excluding protruding parts)

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High Power Adjustable DC Stabilized Power Supply 0-120V10A
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