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2pin 70Cm Long Endstop Cables w/ Female Connector
70Cm Long 2 Pin 22AWG Red, Black.One end w/ Female 2.54mm pitch 2P connector Th..
Ex Tax: 5.00LE
3d printer accessories 4pin 70cm Long Fem/Fem Cable
70Cm Long 4 Pin 22AWG Colored.both end w/ Female 2.54mm pitch 4P connector &nbs..
Ex Tax: 10.00LE
3pin 70Cm Long Endstop Cables w/ Female Connector
70Cm Long 3 Pin 22AWG Red, Black, Yellow.One end w/ Female 2.54mm pitch 3P connector The ..
Ex Tax: 8.00LE
4pin to 6pin 1m Long cable for Nema17 motor
1m Long 4Pin to 6Pin 22AWG Colored.both end w/ Female cable suitable for 3d printer Nema 1..
Ex Tax: 25.00LE
Cable Tie 4x200 10PCS
Item specifics Lenght: 20cm Width: 4mm Material: Nylon Type: ..
Ex Tax: 2.50LE
Cable Tie 4x200 1PCS
Item specifics Lenght: 20cm Width: 4mm Material: Nylon Type: ..
Ex Tax: 0.20LE
Double-end Alligator Clip Wire Test Cable (30cm / 10-Piece Pack)
Material Silicone cord + copper wire core + alligator clip Features ..
Ex Tax: 20.00LE
HDMI to VGA Adaptor with Audio
This HDMI to VGA adaptor with audio is available if you need to run a VGA monitor from the HDMI outp..
Ex Tax: 145.00LE
HDMI-HDMI 1.5M Cable Hi Definition Multimedia Interface Cable
Product Description Manufacturer's Description HDMI combines high definition video and multi..
Ex Tax: 40.00LE
RASPBERRY Pi AV Cable + 3.5MM converter Plug
Raspberry Pi B + in AV interface (RCA Interface) is different from the national standard, such as no..
Ex Tax: 35.00LE
RS-232 To RS-485 Converter
HXSP-485 series converter is bi-directional connector converter between RS-232 and RS-485; it is mai..
Ex Tax: 150.00LE
RS485-TTL Module
Overview On-board MAX485 chip is a low-power and slew-rate-limited transceiver ..
Ex Tax: 35.00LE
True USB to Parallel LPT Cable
Now without a parallel port of the computer, desktop increase parallel need to add PCI- parallel por..
Ex Tax: 185.00LE
USB 2.0 To RS-485 Converter
Standard: USB2.0 standard, backward compatible, in line with standard RS485 Directional cont..
Ex Tax: 150.00LE
USB Cable Standard A-B For Arduino Boards and Printers
DESCRIPTION This here is your standard A-B USB cable, for USB 1.1 or 2.0. Perfect for..
Ex Tax: 10.00LE
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