Arduino Clock Shield

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Arduino Clock Shield

Arduino Multi-function Clock Shield has the following features:

1 , Compatible with all types of Arduino Boards

 2 , onboard 4 LED

 3 , DS18B20 temperature sensor interface, you can make the temperature measurement experiment, this price does not include DS18B20.

4 , LM35 temperature sensor interface, you can make the temperature measurement experiment, this price does not include LM35.

5 , onboard precision adjustable potentiometer , analog input port (can be used to control LED brightness, turn the steering angle, digital voltage, etc.)

6 , integrated infrared receiver , infrared remote control can be adapted to any experiment, this price is not including the receiver.

7 , four digits seven segment display (using 74HC595 driver provincial IO learning SPI) , you can do digital display experiments (which can display temperature, voltage, counter value, etc.).

8 , three separate buttons, a reset button , you can do key experiments (HMI).

 9 , the buzzer sound can be used for experiments . (Can call the police, pronunciation and so on)

10 , Bluetooth, a wireless interface, voice module, voice recognition module, can be used for wireless communication experiment

11 , servo interfaces , easy drive servos

12 , infrared detection interfaces , convenient and infrared docking realization of human traffic statistics

  • The following shows examples of applications in real use



Expansion board directly connected with the non-specific speech recognition module LD3320, voice control lamp can be achieved. As smart home, necessary

Expansion board is directly connected to a Bluetooth wireless serial module, you can achieve the phone to control the lighting, motion control smart car

Expansion board is directly connected with the APC220 wireless serial module, long-distance data transmission!

Expansion boards directly with infrared photoelectric sensor docking, can achieve human traffic statistics, smart car obstacle avoidance capabilities

Expansion boards directly SYN6288 Free recorded voice module docking, voice broadcast feature

Expansion board directly, MG945 MG995 servos and other connected SG90, realize complex robot movements

Expansion boards directly implement the common infrared remote control decoding and achieve the car control, lighting control, relay control

Left common temperature sensor interface! Convenient temperature measurement

The following is some common experiments! (Provide source code)

Digital display LM35 temperature sensor



Digital display voltage reading


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