Thermometer APPLENT AT4808 8-Channel temperature logger

Thermometer APPLENT  AT4808 8-Channel temperature logger
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AT4808 Handheld multi-channel temperature tester

      The new upgrade AT4808 is holding ARM microprocessor controlled multi-channel temperature tester, sampling multiple parallel test, while the 8-channel temperature acquisition, alarm, and communication transmission. Compatible with multiple temperature sensors, fast response, data stability, but also has the burnout detection function. 
Sampling the most advanced testing theory, the temperature test resolution to 0.1 degrees. 
      AT4808 Handheld multi-channel temperature tester has wide adaptability, support K / N / E / J / T / R / S / B-type thermocouple. Test range from -200 ℃ ~ 1800 ℃. 
      AT4808 uses with independent property rights Ambergris Instrument Operating System ATOSTMv6, so that the test instrument operation more simple, convenient, while relying on ATOSTMv6, the instrument can be well compatible with large-capacity memory and powerful PC communication capability, the instrument comes standard with USB interface and free newsletter PC software can be easily achieved through data collection, analysis and printing. 
      AT4808 rugged vibration of the shell, can work in harsh environments. Digital and analog signals fully isolated, secure and reliable.AT4808 comes standard with U-disk interface, support for real-time data storage.


Technical Specifications
Indexing number Thermocouple: J / K / T / E / S / N / B type
Basic Accuracy 0.2% + 1 ℃
Test range -200 ℃ ~ 1800 ℃ (test range due to sub-degree numbers differ)
Resolution 0.1 ℃
Number of Channels 8-channel thermocouple can be expanded to 128
Scanning speed Quick: 100ms / channel Speed: 500ms / channel Slow: 1s / Channel
Correction Each channel error correction
Comparator The ultra-ultra-alarm settings on each channel separately under ultra-premium
Standard Interface U disk interface Mini-USB (virtual serial port)
Standard software ATS45 Data Acquisition Software
Cold junction compensation Accuracy: 0.5 ℃
Other TFT-LCD true color LCD, burnout detection function
Power Requirements Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.35A Output: 9V 1A DC
Size and Weight External dimensions (mm): 130.23 (width) x210.76 (high) x37.88 (D) Weight: 650g
Accessory T-type thermocouple 8 (2 m / branch) ATL909 DC power adapter ATL202 portable package ATL804 lithium battery ATL105Mini-USB communication cable ATS45 Data Acquisition Software
Performance characteristics
TFT color LCD, three display font.
Fast scanning speed in slow three
Cold junction compensation
Standard USB disk interface, support for mass storage devices.
Standard MiniUSB interface
Burnout automatically detect
Specifies the channel scan
Standard AT48 Data Acquisition Software
8.4V lithium battery
Apply to home appliances, motors, electric appliances, thermostats, transformers, oven, thermal protection, power, lighting, electricity, LED and other industry manufacturers and quality inspection department of multi-point temperature test

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