Oscilloscope 60MHz Hantek DSO1060

Oscilloscope 60MHz Hantek DSO1060
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Oscilloscope 60MHz Hantek DSO1060


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· Excellent industrial design, feel comfortable and beautiful . oscilloscope for each channel, timebase, trigger, and each function multimeter has a direct key operation, and the partition is reasonable, easy to operate.
· 5.7 -inch TFT LCD , LED backlight, clear display waveforms
· Integrated USB Host & Device, support U disk storage, RS-232 / LAN Optional, easy networking and remote control.
· High bandwidth 60MHz oscilloscope + 6000 COUNTS high resolution multimeter, ground isolation.
· high refresh rate , high sampling rate , 150MS / s real-time sampling, 50 GS / s equivalent sample .
· FFT spectrum analysis, plus , minus , multiplication , addition , XY display, 20 automatic measurements I , PASS / FAIL Check function , is suitable for engineering applications .
· Rich trigger functions, dual time base sampling, easy to observe two waveforms of different frequencies.
· Up to 1000 recording and playback capabilities of the waveform.
· small size (mm): 240 (L) x165 (W) x50 (H), easy to carry .
· waveform data can be time and voltage output to WORD , EXCEL, BMP, JPG .
· secondary development library , Labview \ VB \ VC \ development examples provided
Model DSO1060
Aisle 2
Bandwidth 60MHz
Rise time 5.8ns
Input impedance Resistance : 1M; capacitance : 15 pF
Input Sensitivity 10mV / div to 5V / div
Input coupling AC, DC and GND
Vertical resolution 8 bits
Input Range 400V (DC + AC Peak)
Real-time sampling rate 150MSa / s
Equivalent sampling rate 50GSa / S
Memory Depth 32k single channel , 16k dual channel
Timebase range 5ns / div ~ 1000s / div
Timebase accuracy ± 50 ppm
Trigger Source CH1, CH2
Trigger Mode
Edge, Pulse Width, Alternative
XY mode
X -axis input Channel 1
Y -axis input Channel 2
Phrase Shift Max.3 degree
Automatic Measurement
Voltage Measurement Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vmid, Vbase, Vavg, Vrms, Vcrms, Preshoot, Overshoot
Time Measurement Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle
Delay Measurement
The time difference between two-channel signal rising edge
The time difference between two-channel signal falling
Cursor measurements Cursor measurements Manual, Track, Auto Measure Modes
Data processing
Data processing
CH1 +/- CH2, CH1xCH2, CH1 / CH2, FFT, Invert
Internal storage Internal storage 15 Waveforms and Setups
Meter Mode
Maximum resolution 6,000 Counts
Function Voltage, resistance, current, capacitance, through the short, the diode
The max  

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