Solar Controller 12/24V 20A

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Solar Controller 12/24V 20A




Rated operating current





Rated operating voltage

12V / 24V


Solar panel voltage

≤ 50V

≤ 100V

Float voltage

13.8V / 27.6V


Undervoltage protection

10.7V / 21.4V


Voltage recovery

12.5V / 25.0V


Load loss

≤ 30mA

≤ 30mA

Circuit voltage drop

≤ 170mV

≤ 170mV

Charge Mode

PWM mode

Temperature Compensation

-4mV / Cell / ° C



    1. Prepare relevant tools and cables. We recommend that you matching the right cable, to ensure that the current density < 4A / mm2 this will help to reduce the line pressure drop. Recommended: 30A with 10mm2  cable.Check the installation site meets the relevant safety regulations, avoid damp, dusty, there is a flammable and corrosive gas installation using the controller.

     2. The solar controller is fixedly mounted to the vertical plane, installation aperture and hole spacing see section V. In order to ensure good heat dissipation controller, please reserve at the bottom of each controller 10cm space.

     3. As " CM30 installation wiring diagram "shown in sequence to load, batteries, solar panels connected to the controller up, pay attention to ensure that the load, battery, solar panel polarity consistent with the controller.

     4. The external temperature sensor probe is inserted into the left side of the controller temperature probe interface, and battery temperature probe placed in similar places. (Otherwise, the controller will control parameters of the temperature compensation of the error.)

     5. As with the remote monitoring function, set the supplied communication cable between the communications port and the other end connected to the controller to the right of the host computer.


Removal: To prevent accidents, in the order when removing the solar panels, batteries, controller disconnects the load.


Note: Battery reverse polarity will not damage the controller, but will your load device is a security risk.


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