Function Generators DDS UTG9020A

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Function Generators DDS UTG9020A


from 0.1Hz to 20MHz


Features Range
Model UTG9020A
Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp up, Ramp down, Exponential rise, Exponentional fall etc.
Range (no load) from 1mVpp to 20Vpp
Accuracy ±5%
Resolultion 0.1mV
Range of Sine from 0.1Hz to 20MHz
Range of Square from 0.1Hz to 5MHz
Range of Other Wave from 0.1Hz to 1MHz
Accuracy 0.01Hz (≤3.05kHz), 1Hz (>3.05kHz)
Stability 50ppm
Output Impedance 50Ω
Attenuator 20dB + 40dB
DC Offset from -10V to +10V
Display Frequency: 6-digits-LED, Amplitude: 3-digits-LED
Duty Cycle from 20% to 80%
Distortion of Sine <20kHz : -55dBc,20kHz to 1MHz : -50dBc,1MHz to 10MHz : -40dBc,10MHz to 20MHz : -30dBc
Rise/Fall Time ≤20ns
Overshoot 5%
Asymmetry 1%+20ns
Duty Cycle  20% to 80%
Triangle, Ramp
Linearity ≤0.2% ( at 1kHz)
Input Impedance 1kΩ
Modulation Depth 100% (5Vp-p input)
Frequency Counter
Frequency Range from 1Hz to 100MHz
Amplitude Range from 0.1Vp-p to 5Vp-p
Input Impedance 10kΩ
General Characteristic   
Power AC 220V,50Hz
LCD Size 62×62 mm
Product Color White and Gray
Product Net Weight 2.5 Kg
Product Size 320mm×240mm×100mm
Standard Accessories BNC to Alligator Clips,Power Cord
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box,English Manual
Standard Quantity Per Carton 6 Pcs
Standard Carton Measurement 660mm×410mm×600mm
Standard Carton Cross Weight 18 Kg

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